Fantasy Baseball: Market Value Check (Flipping Weight)

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Outside of setting your lineups every day, shuffling in hot bats from the waiver wire, and spot starting pitchers with great matchups, you should be constantly working on trades to improve your squad. So make moves you lovable degenerates, and see below for some buy-low/sell-high candidates.

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Buy Low
Alex Gordon – I didn’t really expect Gordon to match his numbers from last year’s breakout campaign, but he does have the pedigree and Kansas City’s offense is better than what they’ve shown. He has been playing well since returning to the leadoff spot so the numbers should continue to improve. Despite his shockingly high BABIP last year, Alex could be a serviceable third outfielder if you can get him for 50 cents on the dollar.

Dee Gordon – Sophomore slumps happen to the best of them, and Dee is straight up struggling as his batting average has dipped to .225. Mattingly stated he will be giving Gordon a few days off, but if that doesn’t help him shake off the slump, then a trip to the minors might be in order. The Dodgers lineup is garbage without Matt Kemp, who is back on the DL. Yet if you can withstand a crappy Dee until the puzzle pieces fall together, then you will be patting yourself on the back in the end. The main reason you own Gordon is for his speed on the base paths, and he is still tearing it up there even with the shit average. Classic buy-low for a high-reward candidate right here ladies.

Jemile Weeks – Weeks was one of my favorite sleepers heading into the season and he has had a rough go of things thus far. However, the buy-low window is quickly closing as he is rocking a seven-game hitting streak. On paper it looks like it has been a matter of luck as his BABIP is just too damn low. Remember he hit over .300 as a rookie so it isn’t crazy to expect his average to keep rising, and with that comes more stolen base opportunities.

Jesus Montero – It might be difficult to snatch Jesus after he went absolutely ballistic, along with the rest of the Mariners, against Texas, going 3-for-4 with a double, homer, two walks, and four ribeyes and runs. At the same time, his numbers on the year are still a bit down. Even if you could get this boss for slightly below face value, you would be making off like a bandit. I think he went a bit later in drafts because people were afraid he wasn’t going to get catcher eligibility, but that is not an issue. He is supposedly one of the better hitters to come up in a while and the few chances I have seen him I have been impressed. Montero absolutely crushes lefties and is hitting in the heart of a major league lineup.

Adrian Gonzalez – Where’s the power? Where’s the A-Gon we know and love? Who knows what’s going on here as he is striking out at an outrageous clip and not hitting for any power. Honestly, throw the numbers out the window. Adrian is an absolute beast and the Sox will pull it together, so just have a little faith and pull the trigger.

Sell High
Andrew McCutchen – All I know is this kid has some serious swagger. He is a lock for 25 bombs and steals but his average is a bit of a drag. Also, the Pirates aren’t exactly the scariest set of bats so his runs and ribeyes won’t be through the roof. All of a sudden McCutch is hitting .336 this season, but that can be explained by an unsustainable .374 BABIP which is 60 points higher than his career average. It might hurt to do it, but ride the wave for a little bit longer and then deal away.

Dexter Fowler – If I had a nickel for every time Fowler gave me hope only to fall apart, I’d have a shit ton of nickels. He does have the benefit of playing half his games in Coors Field, but this hot streak will not last. Dexter still has minimal power and a crappy career stolen base success rate. The only real bright spot is he earns a decent number of walks. I’d try and include him in a two-for-one deal to upgrade one of your studs.

Carlos Beltran – As a Mets fan it hurts to see C-Bel absolutely rake. The guy is terribly talented but his feeble little joints and ligaments are just waiting to fuck that up. Now is the time to sell high and get a less injury prone player in return.

Omar Infante – Miami’s offense is potent with Jose Reyes in the equation, but Infante is just another dude who has cranked a couple lucky bombs early in the year. He hasn’t had double digit homers or steals since 2004. The guy certainly has the potential to sniff .300, but you might be able to tempt some poor soul with his juicy numbers thus far.

David Wright – D-Wright had the potential to bounce back in 2012 after a couple of injury-riddled years, so it isn’t too shocking to see him tearing it up once again. At the same time, he is still one of the streakiest hitters in the game and even his ceiling is not this high. His BABIP is 70 points higher than his career average and it can only go down from here. Sell before shit hits the fan.

Josh Hamilton – There really isn’t much to say here, besides the fact that his organs dealt with years of drug abuse and his body is brittle. If you want to bet on the fact that this is the first time he stays healthy then be my guest, but I say sell while his stock is through the roof.



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