Mad Max is Angry Again

It is easy to understand why Max Scherzer was mass dropped. Frustrated owners had to watch him post ugly numbers start-after-start until he was demoted by the Tigers. Seriously, he gave up 27 ER in his last four starts, twenty freakin seven! Adding to the paranoia, Scherzer’s fastball was averaging 91.8 mph after averaging 93.6 mph in 2009 and 94.2 mph in 2008. Who wants to hold onto a guy who has a 7.29 ERA, 1.67 WHIP and 5.57 K/9 after making the switch from the NL to the AL?


Player Note: “Scherzer threw eight shutout innings in his first appearance for Triple-A Toledo on Thursday. He allowed one hit while striking out 10 and walking one. After averaging 91.8 mph with his fastball in eight starts with the Tigers, Scherzer peaked at 97 mph on Thursday. If he can put up a couple more outings like Thursday’s, Scherzer should be back in the Tigers’ rotation in no time.” –

Holy Toledo! Mad Max is back in the Thunderdome kicking ass and he needs a tag team partner. He is currently owned in 16% of Yahoo! leagues and I’m doing my part to bump up that percentage. I didn’t draft him, but he has already found his way onto two of my teams and possibly a third if he clears waivers. I don’t know the reasoning behind the increased velocity, whether it be a mechanical issue or something to do with his injury plagued shoulder, but it doesn’t really matter to me as long as he continues to throw heat. I can always find room for a pitcher who strikes out nine per nine and pitches for a winning team. It’s time to get back on board.