MDS vs Pianowski

When the Roto Arcade boys posted the thread for their readers to sign up for the 2009 baseball blog leagues (not this league), I asked for Scott Pianowski. I was the first and maybe only person to ask for him. I thought Pianow was their best baseball expert and he snubbed me. I got an invite to Behrens league, but that wasn’t what I asked for. I was first dammit!!! So I hounded him. I called him out for a good week or two until he relented and created the Puppet Show. The agreement was that I’d call off the dogs and for the most part I did.

the other people invited had to meet Pianow’s strict qualifications:

1. Your presence here, the *quality* of your posts, your ability to get along with everyone (that last point is huge).

2. Your skill as a roto owner (so much as I can gauge it)

3. How much I like you (sorry, life’s too short to get into leagues with people I don’t like)

4. Random chance (we generally get more inquiries than we can fill, and I hope everyone understands that)

Weird right? lol. Needless to say, MDS met all these qualifications, but that didn’t matter cuz I was already in there before this blog post went up. The league was created for the two of us to dance. The other managers did not meet these requirements. Most of em failed to get along with me (shame on them) and were talking trash and complaining when they got some back. Eventually the message board was shut down, team name changes were prohibited and I wasn’t able to email teams from the league. Some people emailed me and when I responded in a manner they didn’t like, they complained. Boo hoo.

The league used normal Roto scoring, had a thirteenth team and used a few extra roster positions (MI, CI, OF, UT). I came out of the draft looking pretty, but Sizemore hurt me bad. I also had Aram, but amazingly, I was able to find a taker for him when he was hurt. My team’s biggest problem were the closers. I had Qualls, Downs n Gregg. All three of em lost their job and this league was brutal for picking up closers. The league was the quickest to scoop up saves. It was pretty amazing how fast people reacted and I hail from tough private leagues that use Holds as a stat.

The league had some decent competition. One of my private leaguers (Tweedly) was able to get in and a popular Roto Arcadian, Amak who would later join a few of my private leagues, was in there. The three of us finished first (Tweedly), second (Amak) and third. Pianow finished 7th. Pianow knows his baseball; but if he has a weakness, it’s the pitchers. They’re a tough position to judge so everyone has differing opinions, but I know my pitchers better than he does. Its just a fact. Can I claim a victory over him if I finish 3rd? Please? The best part of the league (other than beating Pianow and only losing to one of my private leaguers and Amak) was the ESPN loser who claimed he could punt Saves and still finish first. What a dumbass. He ended up quitting like the chump everyone thought he was. ESPN sucks!!!

Nevermind the Nyger Morgan and Kevin Slowey injuries. Forget the ass whooping Joba put on my WHIP. I would have won if Sizemore didn’t suck a fatty and my closers didn’t lose their jobs. I didn’t mind finishing 3rd to ppl I play against in my private leagues, cuz in the end, Pianow felt the power. Period.