Miggy Memorial Day

In about 5 years from now I’m gonna be reminiscing and say… “Hey Virgil, remember when we were able to play Miggy at Third Base?”. Happy memories will be shared and tears will be shed b/c one of these upcoming days, Sunday Oct 4th or Tuesday the 6th, will be the last day everyone gets to start Cabrera at the hot corner.

Even tho I’m fighting for the championship in my Dynasty League, it’s hard for me to look at my team b/c I know that I’m going to have to move Morneau or Miguel to my UT spot soon. I’ll have to trade an OF and that’s always a tough sell. On top of that I have to fill 3B. This sucks!!! With my final move allowed, I picked-up Alex Gordon. I’m hoping the Twins win the division; I’m a Twins homer, but also because I just want one more day with Miggy at 3B!

As you play Cabrera this Sunday or hopefully Tuesday, give thanks to him for all his days at a hard to fill position and top tiered production… unless he goes 0-4. Maybe there is hope for the future, this video will attest, Miguel has defensive skills… kinda.

Happy Miggy Memorial Day!