Million Dollar Podcast

If you having nothing to do around 10 PM C tonight or you just can’t sleep after watching one of those really scary M. Night Shyamalan movies, MDS the entertainer will be on stage at Blog Talk Radio. This will be the very first ever (of all time) Million Dollar Podcast show. In all actuality, this show won’t be of much interest to you unless you’re in the Million Dollar Challenge or any other baseball league that uses OBP and SLG. How’s that for a sales pitch? I could be talking about the possibility of Miguel Montero undergoing season ending knee surgery, Neftali Feliz being named Texas’ temporary closer, or the glorious return of Livan Hernandez, but I’ll discuss the MDC league and then start taking some calls from the challengers themselves. This will finally wrap up all the draft season review stuff. So if you want to take a journey into the land of make believe with the Quasimodo of Roto, you can click play on that “widget” at the top of the sidebar or hit up the Million Dollar Podcast page at BTR.