MLB Real Talk: 4/11/12

Don’t be afraid to play a Rusty Trumbo
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It’s an under-owned/under-appreciated edition of Real Talk, where we take the orphans of fantasy baseball, tuck them deep into our bosom, and try to get owners like you to give them a chance.

I feel like Sally Struthers up in this bitch.

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Mark Trumbo was ridiculously undervalued in fantasy drafts/auctions this season and for some reason, he’s unowned in 28 percent of Yahoo! leagues. I can somewhat understand why he was hated on in February. After all, he had no guaranteed position if Kendrys Morales proved healthy. Today, however, I have no fucking clue why people aren’t giving him respect. Here are the pros with Trumbo:

1) He’s a 30 HR threat
2) He’s a member of a potent-looking Angels lineup
3) He needs just THREE more starts at third base to gain eligibility there

Seriously, what is the problem? People are moaning that Trumbo is already a colossal failure at third base (where he has three errors), but guess what, the Angels are sticking with him because you don’t put 30 HR bats on the bench. I’ve already sent out trade offers in the hopes that his owners are worried that he is about to lose playing time to (chuckle) Alberto Callaspo. I suggest all readers of this site do their best to get this dude on their team. The price is right, the power is there, and the 3B eligibility could have him among the top 50 fantasy options by the time the season ends. Get on that shit.

-With Lance Berkman already banged up, the countdown to Matt Adams has officially begun. He’s already hit three HRs in just five games in AAA and has elite power potential. Though the Cardinals offense has been solid so far, this lineup will struggle (especially when one considers all the injury-prone players they have). If Berkman’s calf keeps him out for a while or another injury forces Berkman to the outfield, look for Adams to come up and do work. In fact, it’s not a crazy idea to roster him in deeper leagues where inferior options like Anthony Rizzo are owned. Mark my words: this dude is the truth.

-Though his eight inning shutout was nice, Tommy Milone is, at best, another Jeff Karstens (only not nearly as ugly as Karstens). Good ratios, no strikeouts, and an SP6 fantasy asset. Hey, those types of players are worth owning and I’m sure Milone’s ownership will go up soon. Just keep in mind that you’ll need some serious strikeout players on your pitching staff to pick up his slack.

-Sometimes, a player’s ownership rate is so heavily reliant on name value that it becomes laughable. This doesn’t just happen with crappy players who were once good (see: Martin Prado); like Alexander the Great, the shit goes both ways. David Murphy is a perfect example of that. Nobody really gave a damn who David Murphy was on draft/auction day. He was a total afterthought, so even though he’s already 8-for-15 with four extra-base hits, no one cares. He’s owned in just 14 percent of Yahoo! leagues, which is a shame. He has traditionally split time as a corner outfielder and aside from a few hot streaks, Murphy has never made a serious fantasy impact. This year is different. With Josh Hamilton now the everyday CF, Murphy has the LF gig all to himself. With the security of regular playing time and a 15/15 season at hand, Murphy looks like a pretty damn solid option for owners who play five OFs. Hell, even three OF leagues could use a player like that. At the very least, you should ride the hot streak while it lasts.

-Although the Astros are pitiful, both J.D. Martinez and Jordan Schafer are worth keeping an eye on. In fact, I’ll make the argument that Schafer should be picked up by fantasy owners looking for some help with steals. He stole three bases yesterday and could poach 30 if he stays healthy. Martinez couldn’t steal candy from a baby, but he showed good power in the minors and is hitting in the middle of the lineup. Yeah I know, big f’ng deal that he’s hitting in the middle of the Astros’ offense. Say what you want, but the three-hitter in the worst offense in baseball is still in a better spot to produce good counting stats than the eighth or ninth hitter in the league’s best lineup. You don’t have to run out and grab Martinez yet since he hasn’t been blasting HRs left and right, but he’s worth monitoring at the very least.

-When you have the chance to own a player whom you can refer to as “Duffman,” you pick up that player. At least that’s the mantra I live my life by. Danny Duffy pitched well against the A’s in a rain-shortened game, striking out eight hitters in six innings while allowing just one hit. Okay, so he walked four batters and still has work to do as a developing power lefty. We very well could be looking at another Derek Holland circa 2010. Or… Duffy figures it out a bit sooner and racks up the strikeouts while keeping his ratios in respectable territory. Regardless, picking him up now costs you nothing and if he is too inconsistent for your liking, you can always dump him. Point is, when a player with his talent shows you something, you don’t avert your eyes, you pounce (pause).



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