MLB Real Talk (6/5/11)

Like this MS-13 gang member, Felipe Paulino is packing heat.

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Felipe Paulino has been a pretty terrible fantasy pitcher for his career. With a lifetime 5.69 ERA and 1.58 WHIP in the majors, he’s been perfectly useless. A lot of you may have never even heard of this guy, whose name sounds more “cocaine dealer” than “fantasy hero.” Paulino came up with the Astros organization, was dealt to Colorado during the offseason, and was designated for assignment before being traded to Kansas City. Since joining the Royals, Paulino has pitched 9.1 innings effective innings (one start): 0 ERs, 5 Hs (all singles), 0 BBs, 7 Ks. Since it’s only 9.1 innings, an obligatory “SAMPLE SIZE ALERT!” has to be issued here to satiate the stat nerd-lingers out there. Still, Paulino’s talent is hard to ignore. He’s averaging 95.3 mph on his fastball and throws a nasty slider that makes for a perfect strikeout pitch. His problem has been his control (4.52 BB/9 last year), but he’s throwing more first-pitch strikes than ever (62.0 F-Strike%) and is also netting a good amount of swings-and-misses (10.2 SwStr%). Now to be 100% real, there is a good chance that Paulino will blow up in his next start (tomorrow against Toronto). His fastball can be hittable at times and he can get really wild (like lampshade-on-the-head wild), so a short outing could be just around the corner. Even so, there’s a fair amount of strikeout upside to be had here and Kauffman Stadium is a pitcher-friendly park. If he is truly taking a step forward with his command, we’re talking SP3-4 potential here. Fortunately for you, his ownership rate sits at a one-percent clip and you honestly have until after his next start (and probably even longer) to pick him up. Even if he does get rocked tomorrow, he’s worth monitoring over the rest of the season.

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