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If only he played for Oakland. “Trumbo the Elephant” headlines would run rampant.
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Mark Trumbo has big time power. You can see for yourself as he takes a Rich Harden slider deep over the Center Field wall at Oakland Coliseum [Big Mark Trumbo]. This was HR No. 18 on the year for the Angels rookie. He also has 8 Stolen Bases. Trumbo is on pace to put up a 30 HR – 13 SB season… and he’s owned in only 41% of Y! leagues. This is absurd, Trumbo should be universally owned. I see people asking if they should drop Adam Dunn and Billy Butler for Trumbo. The answer is a resounding “Yes!“. Drop “the Human Fan” and “Baby Huey” and grab the power/speed combination of Mark Trumbo. In today’s game there is no reason for 30 HR potential to remain unclaimed from your free agent pool, especially when those HR are attached to double digit steals. Trumbo is no fluke. He’s a big dude (6’4, 220 lbs) who hit 36 HR last year in 139 games at AAA. He is a legit power threat and Mike Scioscia’s aggressive game plan is working for the big lug.

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Cory Luebke (33% owned) handled the Giants lineup with ease on Saturday [7 IP, 4 H, BB, 2 ER, 5 K]. The only blemishes of the night were a Pablo Sandoval triple and a Miguel Tejada HR. Leubke has made a smooth transition from the bullpen to the rotation and he hasn’t lost any Strikeouts with the move. Through three starts (@SEA, @SF, SF) his numbers are impressive [19 IP, 11 H, 2 BB, 4 ER, 20 K, 0.68 WHIP, 1.89 ERA]. The matchups have been cake, but the numbers are as rich as icing. He’ll match up against the Brewers, Phillies and D-Backs next. The level of competition will improve, but with the way Cory is missing bats, showing improved control and limiting solid contact (15% LD%) I’m sure he’ll prove useful, even against some of the tougher lineups from the NL.

Jemile Weeks (17%) is still leading off for Oakland and he’s still hitting above .300 (.311 after Saturday). He went 5 for 9 during the double header (against Weaver and Santana) and stole a base in each game. Weeks has yet to hit a HR, but he is up to 10 SB on the season (34 games), which would be a 45 SB season stretched out over 155 games. Leadoff hitters are a prized commodity in our game, especially when they’re hitting and running often. Weeks won’t hit many, if any, HR for you, but he is lacing Line Drives at will (22.9% coming into Saturday) and displaying more aggressive tendencies on the base paths. I’m not ready to say Weeks is a Top 12 Second Baseman, but he should definitely be owned in more than 17% of fantasy leagues.

Spraying a few more bullets your way…

Alcides Escobar (29%) keeps plugging away. The Royals Shortstop went 2 for 3 on Saturday with a two-Run HR off Carl Pavano. The effort pushed his AVG up to .253. Escobar has 14 SB on the season and he is the No. 73 ranked player during the past two weeks.

Ben Revere (4%) went 1 for 4 (.274) with a Run Scored and a Stolen Base. This was SB No. 13 for Revere (44 starts), which would equate to 45 SB over 155 games. Revere has been leading off for the Twins while Denard Span recovers from a head/neck injury (concussion). Span should be back within the next two weeks, but Trevor Plouffe should be the one to lose playing time. Revere may lose his spot atop the lineup, but 40+ steals are valuable in our game no matter where he’s batting. Revere doesn’t pack much punch (no HR yet), but he makes plenty of contact and has wheels. Stolen Base-starved managers should look Revere’s way.

Emilio Bonifacio (42%) is pushing along a 15-game hit streak after going 1 for 4 with a Run Scored and a Stolen Base while leading off for the Marlins. Bonifacio is hitting .287 now, but it’s unlikely for him to maintain the .373 BABIP. Bonifacio is more of a .260 hitter, but he is leading off and he has stolen 17 bases thus far. He’s hot streaking, he’s thieving, he has 3B/SS/OF eligibility, what’s not to like?

Jon Jay (7%) had a strong day hitting in front of Albert Pujols, Jay went 3 for 4 with a RBI and Run Scored. Jon pushed his Batting Average up to .310 with the three Base Hits. He got the start today with Colby Rasmus hitting the bench. While Jay doesn’t have a direct path to playing time he does have the skill set to hit for AVG and put up a 10 HR – 15 SB season. Colby Rasmus could be on the move (for Jeremy Hellickson possibly?) so Jon Jay could be a player of interest soon, if not now.

Brandon Allen (1%) got his first start of the year and hit his first Home Run. It was a three-Run blast off Hiroki Kuroda [Watch Here]. Allen went 1 for 3 on the day and he didn’t strike out once. Encouraging first start for the big guy. The Strikeouts are the key [Brandon Allen Forecast].