Mock. Yeah! Ing. Yeah!


Just finished up a 12-team, slow mock draft at 7:45… or was it quarter to 8:00? Anyway, the multi-day extravaganza was hosted at, by @BaseballPress. I’m not sure who all the participants were, but we did have someone from Fangraphs in the crowd, Zach… Swim? Swammi? Slippy? Slappy? Swenson? Sanders? We don’t usually post mock drafts… but I’m-a gonna go with my instincts on this one. Saddle up partner!

The Imaginary Team: in all it’s glory


There were a few players left on the board that I wanted to draft. Maybe I should have left Nyjer Morgan out there and grabbed Coco Crisp or Jose Lopez. I could have looked cool by drafting Jesus Montero or rubbed it in Sammy Hagar’s face by drafting DLR, Jorge De La Rosa. I drafted Mike Minor for two reasons. Number one being his 9.38 K/9 and 2.29 BB/9 in eight Major League starts. The other reason, an administrator seen me asking about Minor and added him to the player pool, making me the very first person to draft Minor at CouchManagers. That’s one for the record books baby!

I haven’t started any work on projections for Pitchers, but I can tell you what I expect from my positional players. I expect a lot! Not good enough for you? OK, here are some projections:

Jorge Posada: .266-22-69-77-1 (480 AB)
Miguel Cabrera: .326-38-107-113-3 (585 AB)
Chase Utley: .286-28-104-92-14 (580 AB)
Derek Jeter: .289-11-108-66-15 (640 AB)
Mark Reynolds: .240-36-89-96-9 (545 AB)
Matt Kemp: .292-29-100-103-31 (600 AB)
Jacoby Ellsbury: .295-10-107-58-60 (620 AB)
Nick Markakis: .299-17-96-85-7 (630 AB)
Vladi Guerrero: waiting for him to sign
Nyjer Morgan: .290-2-92-36-49 (600 AB)

*AVG-HR-Runs-RBI-SB (At Bats)