Monday Night Smackdown!

Watch out ppl, Paul Bourdett is giving MDS a megaphone and encouraging me to start some beef with industry folk. It. Is. On.

Keep an eye on for the weekly blog post: Monday Night Smackdown, where I call out an expert on advice I don’t like. Paul’s description sums it up well:

“Here’s a brand new feature I’m really, really excited about. Each week, we’ll be traveling across the internet to take on the “experts”. Not because we hold a grudge against someone or we dislike anyone in the industry but because sometimes expert analysis is flawed (and often, it’s treated as gospel just because of the source). Whether it’s one of the big dogs at Yahoo!, ESPN, or CBS Sports, or even one of our friends at Rotoworld, Razzball, or RotoExperts, if their math is fuzzy and their analysis sketchy, we are going to call them out. Of course, we’ll also be fair. Each individual we challenge will be presented with the case against them and then given an opportunity to respond to the criticism (we fully expect that some won’t respond; we’ll just knock down their analysis and call them out as cowards!) Lastly, you’ll be given the chance to decide who came out on top via a poll at the end of each post. Sounds like fun, right? Even better, we’ve commissioned just the right person to take on the assignment. Believe me when I tell you that this guy’s been itching to rip someone’s analysis to shreds.”

This week, Chris Carbonell (Roto Experts) and I square off inside the squared circle over Johan’s 2010 expected value and draft position. Be sure to check it out and make your voice heard. There is a poll and you actually get to post comments on his site. This is going to be fun. Our first venture into the series has us so excited, Paul released it on a Wednesday.