Oh Yes I Did Girlfriend

Sometimes you just gotta do whats best for yourself. Great advice, from Lorena Bobbitt, I used today in my roto league, the Million Dollar Challenge. This is a 14 team league using a 5×7 scoring system similar to this one. The league was set up for the many who were calling out MDS across the interwebs. A Keyboard Warrior Royal Rumble if you will. Anyway, there isn’t much time left in the season so I just cut Matt Capps, chucked him out the window and spread a bunch of gossip around the league. Memories of past domestic abuse to my peripherals may lead MDS to plead insanity, but for now I have my reasons.

My team is set in stone for 2nd place in saves and I’m battling Ronny Mexico for holds, ERA , WHIP, Ks and 1st place overall. So the plan is to coast in saves, pick up a hot MR for some help in each of the above stats and make sure Ronny doesn’t get his hands on any free saves. To be sure of that, I have personally signed, sealed and delivered hand written emails to each of the 7 teams who have a higher waiver priority than Mr Mexico. I even promise the teams if they find Capps, pack him in ice and roster him quickly they should be able to surgically attach him to their pitching staffs with no problems afterward.