Picking Up the Pace Updated

Meh, I’ll take it…. I guess. (i like to pretend i have a choice)

sorry about the sizing issues… the four combined to go 3 for 13 w/ a run uggggh

All four hitters (Winn, Overbay and the Sweeney Bros) were dropped for WHIP cracking relievers and longshot closers to be: Ryan Madson, Matt Lindstrom, Peter Moylan, Jason Bulger. Operation Devo is back on! When the waivers clear for the original relievers I dropped for the four mousekateers mentioned above, I will likely drop Bulger n Moylan for Kris Medlen n Trever Miller. No one is going to use their waivers on em and I dont really care if someone does. These useful relievers are a dime a dozen in non-hold leagues and I recycle them often according to a “what have you done for MDS recently” philosophy. Its a good philosophy thats gaining momentum, Tom Cruise is thinking about switching over from Scientology.