Picking Up the Pace

streaming isnt just for h2h leagues… if youre looking at your Roto team and see this, its time to pick someone up every Sunday and Wednesday (MLB off days are Monday n Thursday). This is a Roto league (Puppet Show) that was created by the much respected Scott Pianowski, a yahoo fantasy guru, and is filled with Roto Arcadians (13 teams w/ mi, ci, of, ut spots added). The league started a week or two into the season so everyone started out in the red. Lets get into Million Dollar pickups and why I chose them….

dropped Chris Perez for Ryan Sweeney. he’s hitting .285 vs RHP and .295 in the past month. he faces Ian Snell (5.60 ERA)

dropped Kris Medlen for Mike Sweeney. he’s hitting .284 vs RHP and .545 in the past week. he faces Vin Mazzaro (1.75 WHIP)

dropped Trever Miller for Lyle Overbay. he’s hitting .285 vs RHP and .292 in the past month. he’s 2 for 6 vs Jeff Niemann

dropped Michael Wuertz for Randy Winn. he’s hitting .301 vs RHP and .370 in the past week. he’s 8 for 22 (.364) vs Marquis

When I’m searching for someone to stream in Roto leagues, I would prefer to add players who can help me in the stats I need. In this case, I need SBs. The problem is, I’m not gonna pick up bad options just for a slim chance of getting a SB. The counting stats is what we’re really chasing so the main thing you want to look for is the good batting average. I dont care what other stats I accumulate as long as I dont hurt my Batting Average. Everything else is gravy. First, assuming there no good players are available, I like to check out the free agents Past Month totals. After I deplete the few good options, I move onto the Past Week totals. Anytime I find someone interesting I check the split stats for RHP vs LHP and then Batter vs Pitcher (career unless a players value changed significantly this season, like Joel Pineiro). I made these pickups at 2:45 AM central time so I would have the first pickings, these were the best available options.