Rolen in my 64

the Million Dollar Challenge auction draft was held tonight. We expanded the league to 16 teams this year and the action was fast and furious. I drafted a bunch of gangsta ass baseball players, including Scott Rolen. My boys are Rolen in my 64 and we’re going to pull a drive-by on Keith for bidding Youkilis up to $40 after all the other 3B options were locked up. I had to pay some high prices on some players, but was able to cop some deals here n there. This league replaces AVG & HR with OBP & SLG and adds QS & Hlds for pitchers.

Rolen in my 64

$8 Jorge Posada
$34 Miguel Cabrera
$11 Rickie Weeks
$30 Derek Jeter
$1 Casey Blake
$29 Grady Sizemore
$30 Adam Dunn
$13 Cargo Gonzalez
$7 J.D. Drew

$4 Conor Jackson
$2 Adam Kennedy
$1 Orlando Hudson

$24 Yovani Gallardo
$18 Wandy Rodriguez
$11 Francisco Liriano
$4 Shaun Marcum
$4 Jeff Niemann
$4 Wade Davis
$11 Trevor Hoffman
$11 Chad Qualls
$1 Brandon League
$1 Sean Burnett

The plan was to nominate and avoid players with poor OBP. I started out nicely grabbing Miguel for only $34. Teixeira and Howard went for $39, Prince went for $44. I love Sizemore’s power/speed combo; for $29 I’m getting a former first round pick who is still young. A player who can steal 30 SB and post an OPS near .900 is very valuable. I knew I wanted Adam Dunn for his semi-automatic .400 OBP, .500 SLG and 100 RBI, but someone made me pay for it. I had money to spend and the player pool was starting to thin. This may be the first time I’ve rostered Derek Jeter or Jorge Posada, but these were situations where I needed to spend the money and acquire talent. Both are fine plays with these settings. CarGo and Blake were steals. Splitting 3B duties between Blake & Rolen should get me great results for the $2 invested. Rickie Weeks is someone who can bust out or bust his wrist on Opening Day. He was semi-cheap and I needed SB from my 2B/SS positions. I’m happy with the pitching staff, I have high expectations for Gallardo and Liriano. I’m playing the cheap upside card with Marcum, Niemann and Davis. Adam Kennedy was dropped, I only bid on him to mess with someone who spent all his money early. Hudson is my fail safe for Rickie. My team is banging and you can bet on me retaining the Million Dollar Belt becoming the first MDC back-to-back champion. Cuz we Rolen down the street in my Six-Fo, jockin the… jockin the….