Roto Arcade Blog League

Fantasy Honkey is finally over, thank you very much. Two more days of basketball and it’s time to bury my head in the wonderful world of baseball. There really isn’t much to say about this league that hasn’t been said before; Yahoo’s Matt Romig (10th Pl) hosted the league, Scott Pianowski (7th Pl) was in there, but both of em gave up a long time ago. Neither put in much of an effort and frankly, I thought Romig had the worst draft of everyone in the league. Even the Brandon Funston impostor beat them. That has to be painful, maybe that is why neither of them came back to the league to congratulate the champion…. me.

When I asked to join the Roto Arcade Blog League, I didn’t receive an invitation. Pianowski doesn’t like me and I’ve been making fun of Romig for years. I wasn’t surprised when they shunned me, but I got in anyway. MDS has connections and those connections gave me the league ID and PW. To no one’s surprise I finished in first place, taking home the imaginary gold trophy. I sat atop the standings for the majority of the season, often sporting a double digit lead (they call me Bobby Double Digital around these parts). The team was built on a group of high scoring, injury prone Wingers, emerging Centres, free agent Defencemen (look at me bust out my Canadian spelling skills) and Evgeni Nabokov. I even made it harder on myself dropping Pekka Rinne early in the season, but not even that can hold down the Million Dollar Sleeper.

There really isn’t much to say about the league. The set up made streaming A MUST and trading almost non-existent, I was the first person on Yahoo to roster Tyler Myers and Chris Stewart, I screwed over Pianow’s goaltending by misinterpreting the rules and drafting a third goalie (Craig Anderson) and one team gave me a little bit of a challenge towards the end. I am now the reigning Roto Arcade football and hockey champion.

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