Roto Wire Mock Draft

I participated in a MDC Mock Draft open to readers at Roto Synthesis. It was a 15 team draft w/ expanded rosters. I was flying by the seats of my pants, not used to the MDC draft application. Not loading up my draft queue, I was left scrambling during some picks. I actually used up all my time and the computer auto selected Joe Nathan for me. I didn’t want to draft Jorge Cantu that early, the RP were still deep and I just couldn’t find anyone in time that made sense for my roster. I don’t like snake drafts, auctions are the way to go.

All of these players are starters; C, MI, CI, OF, OF spots were added. No bench players. My only goal was to be strong in the Infield and fill my OF with medium priced, productive players. Selecting ARam with the 54th pick was a little painful, but 3B was going fast and I didn’t want to be stuck fielding a Michael Young. Chipper Jones is an injury plagued bum, but he could provide some value at pick 187. The no bench rule was likely why he fell so far. Bartlett is a strong regression candidate, but the speed is real and at pick 142, the price was right. My SP is strong; can’t believe Lincecum fell to pick 24, Lester and Ubaldo are a few of my favs. Catchers were gone early, being a two Catcher league. This was the first 2C draft I’ve done and I must say, I do not like how pricey these guys can be. At the same time you don’t want to be the one choosing Rob Johnson or Lou Marson. In my fantasy world, AJP and Y.Molina would have fallen to me in Rd 17, but that wasn’t even close to what happened. They went in Rd 11 and Rd 12, when I was taking Alex Rios and Trevor Hoffman.

I’m guessing the full results will be posted at Roto Synthesis in due time… til then, someone should let me know why everyone hates Lastings Milledge now adays. I almost took Jeff Francouer over him with my last pick, pondered Elijah Dukes too…

[Full Draft Results]