Semi-Daily Poll: David Wright

During the latest episode of Starbonell Station, Starbs mentioned that he may be interested in making a David Wright for Brandon Morrow (plus change I’m assuming) trade. As someone who could use help in the Outfield (Jose Bautista could slide to OF for me) this intrigued me, but frankly I’m worried about David Wright. I’m worried about what Starbs would want in return, I’m worried about Wright’s slipping production and I’m worried about his wonky back. Maybe it’s just me, but I see a downward trend in his strikeout rate. The K% fell off a cliff in 2009 (18.8% to 26.2%) and it’s regressed each year since (27.4% in ’10, 29.5% in ’11). His line drive percentage took a nose dive in 2010 (it fell nearly 7%) and hasn’t recovered. He’s currently disabled with a stress fracture in his back and will be shut down for at least three more weeks. What an ugly situation. Starbs paid $42 for Wright in the Blog Wars auction draft, which was a fair price, but the question is: what would you pay for Wright if we drafted today?