Seth Smith is Too Good For Your Team

It’s not just Seth’s OPS that will make your players jealous, look at that thing!
Photo Credit: jkonrath

I get it. I understand now. You don’t want to add Seth Smith because he’s too good for your team. If you slid his .925 OPS into your Outfield or Utility position your other players would become jealous, I get it. Because his ownership rate went up only two percent since yesterday when I last plugged him, I’m going with the reverse psychology route this time. Seth Smith is too good for your team, don’t pick him up. Seriously now, it is bewildering to why Seth Smith is owned in less than 30% of Y! leagues.

The Rockies Outfielder hit two Home Runs on Tuesday against the Indians. The first was a shot to deep right off Starter Mitch Talbot, the second was to deep right center off Closer Chris Perez. Smith drove in 3 RBI and raised his AVG up to .316 with a 3 for 4 day at the plate. He’s now ranked 83rd overall and he’s owned in only 29% of Y! leagues. This is a crime and it’s beyond a misdemeanor. This is a fantasy felony.

While we’re on the unlawful theme, if when you do roster Seth Smith you’ll need to recruit a partner-in-crime to platoon with the Left Handed Outfielder. This isn’t a big deal as you’ll know well in advance when Colorado matches up against a Left Handed Starting Pitcher. The low maintenance situation is well worth the .316-36-8-32-3 line that Seth brings to the table. Not only is the overall line bolsterous, he’s consistent with it. He’s hit over .300 in each month this season. On a per-game basis (according to Baseball Monster) Seth Smith ranks in at No. 72. This is a free 7th round pick! 

This is all you’re getting tonight. You’ve made me angry. OK, technically I’ve begun my fantasy football prep work, but we’ll pretend that I’m upset with you for not adding Seth Smith. I like that angle. Til next time – peace out – @andrewakamds