Site News

You may have noticed the change in appearance. The Bloguin Network has undergone some construction and we now have a cleaner, crisper template. The colors aren’t my taste, but we’re stuck with them for now. A new comments system should be coming at some point in time. Maybe one day, we’ll have a forum.

For the foreseeable future, I will be working hard behind the scenes. The rankings/projections are time consuming and I’m working with Charlie Saponara and Mark Schruender on a 2011 Fantasy Baseball Draft Guide. The (early) plan is for the downloadable guide to be free of charge.

The Wall of Fame is up! We have three past champions and three more to be crowned this coming season. Blog Wars is for the pros, but the Million Dollar Challenge and an unannounced blog league await you. Be sure to post a comment here if you want in the MDC.

Be sure to check out the rankings/projections. Feel free to ask about any of the statistics. I have a system, but the mechanical number crunching does include opinions of a player’s future K%, Power and BABIP. It’s a science and an art. If you don’t agree with something, we can plug your opinions into the formula and create your own, personal projection.

A new poll is up, but it’s not letting me vote yet… grrrr….

Be sure to check out Starbonell and I on Starbonell Station, Thursday at 7:30