Site News

We now have a new comments system. This is a beta version so there are some bugs that need to be worked out. Eventually you will need a Bloguin account to comment, but for now you can use your Twitter, Facebook or Livefyre account. Old comments will be (or have been) imported, they’re not lost. No worries there. Pictures are supported (Flickr, Twitpic, tinypic, and imgur), all you need to do is paste the url in the comment box. Same story for videos (Youtube, Vimeo).

Eventually (fingers crossed) we will have a forum where you can create topics and discuss what interests you. Hopefully (toes crossed) we will be able to share a forum with the FB365 crew. Bloguin is growing, it shall be a fun ride.

I’m going to upgrade the 1B Rankings after this is posted. Texieira gets a slight bump in AVG (won’t affect his rank), Berkman gets a little more love (already shown in the OF ranks) and David Ortiz will be removed (not enough games played at the position). Minor changes. Hoping to have a “fun with projections” post up late tonight or tomorrow. Enjoy.