Site News

I have decided to stop writing about fantasy football. Yes, it’s true. I can’t take it anymore. First, Belichick tells Tom Brady to not throw the ball to Randy Moss (my conspiracy theory). Then Chilly releases him over a barbecue sandwich after trading away a third round pick. And now, a guy named Rusty Smith (whom I don’t even think is a real person) is throwing the ball to him. I can’t take it. I’d rather hang up my jersey than tell you how much Randy Moss sucks.

OK, the real reason is that I want to dedicate the site to fantasy baseball. It’s my true love and passion. This will enable me to up the bar in terms of quality and depth. I also need some down time to get my projections together for the new year. I plan on releasing those sometime in January. Right now, there is a new poll up regarding one Jose Bautista.

I’m still a self-proclaimed fantasy football expert though, don’t worry about that. I got the self-proclaimed expert status on lockdown. I’ll still host blog leagues in the four major sports. If you do have questions relating to fantasy football, you can hit me up on Twitter or contact me via the link above. Give me a few days to get shit sorted out and we’ll be on our way to making fun of Dontrelle Willis, JR Towles and the people who draft Buster Posey. Onward and upward.