Sizemore Does Matter

No matter what the people say, I’m gonna draft you anyway
You are my Outfielder, I can’t let go
Even if Virgil starts a fight, try ’til I set him right
You are my Outfielder, I can’t let go
Even if you’re out for weeks, you can put it all on me
You are my Outfielder, I can’t let go
I can’t, I can’t let you go

This past Sunday, Grady Sizemore passed a checkup and is on target to be ready for Opening Day after undergoing microfracture surgery in June. Unstable cartilage was found in Sizemore’s left knee and small holes were drilled into his knee cap to stimulate cartilage growth. This is a major operation and I do not recommend that you draft Grady Sizemore. I repeat, do not draft Grady Sizemore. I probably will though.

Sizemore has burned me two years in a row, but I’ve never been one to take advice from George W. Bush. I’ve sworn off Sizemore too many times to count after what he did to me last year, but I can already sense my fond feelings for him rushing back to me. I didn’t learn from history so I’m doomed to repeat it. Don’t follow me into the dark abyss of injury and frustration.