Public Apology…. Kind of

I’d like to take this time to apologize to Matt Capps. Back in March, I listed Capps as the Closer to most likely to lose his job. I should have known his ugly numbers from 2009 were inflated from a .370 BABIP and not an eroding skill set. Sure he had the elbow issues last year, but he didn’t hit the DL. I guess his injury woes were a tad overblown. But this is what happens when you draft a guy and he stomps on your heart. I really hated Matt Capps last year; it’s true, it’s damn true.

I’m pretty sure Capps read what I wrote because he seems to be extremely motivated this year. He is striking out over eight batters per nine, has a 1.16 WHIP, a 2.70 ERA and leads the league with 16 Saves. He ranks 87th in the Yahoo! game. I apologize Matt Capps. I am sorry for doing you dirty. My bad.

Now go and get traded bitch! Listen to my home girl Jillian, it’s Drew Storen time! I’ve been storing Storen (what? you don’t like my pun?) since draft day in my NL-Only league and I’m ready to cash in on my investment. The Nationals actually have a winning record at 23-22, but I don’t think anyone expects them to be competing by the time the trade deadline is looming. If they were serious about winning, they would have their best SP… you know, actually pitching for them, not sitting in Triple-A waiting out a stupid contract stipulation. Someone will need a closer or good set-up man and Matt Capps will be traded at some point. Maybe he won’t lose the Closer label, maybe he will, I don’t care. I apologized, I consider the beef between us settled.

The only thing I care about is Drew Storen getting Saves. He already made an adjustment in his throwing motion before he was hit hard by anyone. This guy is awesome. Storen was labeled an elite future Closer before he was even drafted and it didn’t take him long to reach the major leagues (55 IP). He will be the WAS closer at some point this season. Get lost Matt Capps, I hate you (the beef is back on!).

Drew Storen’s Adjustment “I kind of went back to throwing like I was in the Arizona Fall League a little bit more,” Storen said. “I was trying to be more athletic in the end. Even though I had good results in the first two outings, I wasn’t happy with the way the ball was coming out of my hand. I knew I needed to make an adjustment.” Storen gave up a run on Friday, but his velocity increased. “That’s how hard I was throwing in the fall league,” Storen said. “That’s what I was looking for, having good stuff. Now it’s just a matter of making an adjustment of getting my hand on top of the ball, and I’ll be right there.”