SP ADP Cont.


Roy Halladay is no surprise. I was flipping thru the channels and ESPN had their Halladay Win total Over/Under at 45. A lot of ppl have Halladay as the #2 SP on their boards. Beckett, Yovani, Kershaw, Hamels, Ubaldo, Nolasco, Wandy do not surprise me either. Everyone wants some sort of action from these middle round SP2 who should ascend to SP1 status. I just wish Yovani wasn’t so expensive. I think Josh Johnson and Josh Beckett are priced out of my range now. My homeboy Brett Anderson made a 50 pick jump in about a week. Damn Gina! I knew he would reach the 140s at some point, but that was quick. He may be pushing the 120s by Opening Day. I’m not too fond of Garza or Shields. While I’m not avoiding Garza; I just don’t want to pay for any AL East pitchers not named Lester. Shields is just an average pitcher, no need to be reaching for him. Mad Max isn’t faring too well in Spring Training (not that I would put too much stock in that) and his conversion to the AL could be bumpy. I’m not reaching for him either. I am a little surprised Scott Baker’s ADP isn’t higher. He is advertised by websites and is just as good as James Shields. Don’t be afraid to draft him before his 151 ADP. I like Dempster at his ADP. Gavin is just as good as Scott Baker and going 15 picks later, sign me up. Liriano is climbing the charts fast and I wouldn’t hesitate to draft him at the 233 mark.


A 3 pick drop from Greinke isn’t much to talk about, it’s just a little surprising to see him going as the 4th SP now. He was the run away 2nd SP no more than 6 weeks ago. People would rather listen to Black Sabathia before Zack Attack? Get outta here. What happened to Jake Peavy’s ADP? A 24 pick drop off? I understand the hesitation to draft him after the move from Petco to the AL and he has injury issues, but he does have a superb K Rate and decent control. I don’t disagree with his ADP; I just don’t understand the sudden hatred. Maybe it has something to do with Yahoo undervaluing him in their Mock Auction dollar values. John Lackey is an OK pitcher, but he isn’t anything special and he’s entering an environment that won’t be as forgiving as the AL West. He won’t be on any of my teams. Brandon Webb is likely to start the season on the DL and I don’t mess with shoulder issues anymore. Peace Out B-Webb; expect that ADP to keep dropping. Jair Jurrjens; no!!!!! His shoulder is getting better people, keep reaching for him and I’ll keep laughing. Edwin Jackson too; stay away from me please. Ted Lilly is getting the DL/ADP dropoff treament too. There seems to be some optimism for him to pitch before the season starts, but I’m not buying it. That 180 ADP isn’t too shabby tho. If it gets worse, I might be interested. Randy Wolf is finally getting the respect (or no respect) that he deserves. Big time regression candidate. What’s Happ-ening with J.A.’s ADP? Are people finally realizing he is due for regression? That was already priced into his ADP tho. I am a little surprised to see Strasburg drop and Aroldis Chapman go up. Huh? What the hell happened to Feldman? Only Kramer’s bizarro world double could drop 70 picks in a matter of a week. Nobody needs to be messing with Kevin Millwood.