SP ADP Trends

It’s been close to a month since I recorded the ADP for SP from MDC. Let’s see who is trending. I am mainly concerned about the juicy pitchers going around Rd 7 thru 12 and a few late rd gems, but any trend should be mentioned.

Rising ADP
Adam Wainwright moves up from 64.0 to 57.9
Jon Lester moves up from 64.5 to 58.9
Josh Johnson moves up from 81.9 to 75.3
Tommy Hanson moves up from 86.1 to 79.9
Josh Beckett moves up from 90.3 to 85.5
Yovani Gallardo moves up from 100.3 to 91.5
Clayton Kershaw moves up from 111.2 to 103.6
Ubaldo Jimenez moves up from 113.8 to 104.7
Chad Billingsley moves up from 126.0 to 121.9
Jair Jurrjens moves up from 134.0 to 128.0
Jered Weaver moves up from 139.5 to 134.5
Brandon Webb jumps from 141.0 to 129.4
Wandy Rodriguez jumps from 154.3 to 129.5
Edwin Jackson moves up from 168.9 to 164.8
Neftali Feliz moves up from 175.4 to 168.6
Daisuke Matsuzaka moves up from 196.2 191.3
Jorge de la Rosa jumps from 202.8 to 192.6
Brett Anderson sky rockets from 243.0 to 198.7
JA Happ moves up from 245.0 to 233.3
Francisco Liriano sky rockets from 314.6 to 278.0
Ben Sheets sky rockets from 310.7 to 243.8

Falling ADP
Roy Oswalt drops from 151.4 to 156.9
John Danks drops from 162.2 to 166.2
Gavin Floyd drops from 187.1 to 191.4
Joba Chamberlain drops from 203.7 to 207.5
Ervin Santana drops from 229.6 to 238.2
Joe Saunders falls from 260.9 to 276.7
Hiroki Kuroda falls from 272.0 to 283.7
Aaron Cook drops from 275.3 to 290.4
Aroldis Chapman drops from 287.0 to 294.5
Barry Zito falls from 310.5 to 318.3
Mark Buerhle falls from 237.0 to 251.3
Pedro Martinez falls from 311.6 to 326.0
Aaron Harang falls from 311.9 to 317.3

Million Dollar Thoughts:
I’m not surprised by the rising movement of Jon Lester, Josh Johnson, Tommy Hanson, Josh Beckett, Clayton Kershaw, Ubaldo Jimenez, Wandy Rodriguez or Brett Anderson. I will be targeting this group of pitchers for my SP1 & SP2. I am surprised by the rising trends of Jair Jurrjens and Edwin Jackson. Those guys are due for regression, I guess I was wrong thinking everyone and they mama knew this. Neftali Feliz? I didn’t know people covet middle relievers. He did post excellent numbers, but he wont repeat those and it won’t even be close. Dice K, Jorge de la Rosa, Liriano and Sheets make excellent late rd fliers. If Liriano posts numbers in Spring Training like he did in the Dominican league, watch out.

Roy Oswalt isn’t dead yet, but his k/9 isn’t anything to get excited about. I am surprised by Gavin Floyd’s drop in ADP. I guarantee he will be on a few of my teams. Now that Joba was basically dubbed the Yanks fifth starter, I’d expect his ADP to rise a little bit in the next few months. I don’t know why anyone would want Joe Saunders on their team. Kuroda looks like a decent option, not sure where the anti-Hikroki movements are coming from. It sounds like Aroldis is making improvements with his curveball so when more people hear about that, I would expect his ADP to rise a bit. The Aroldis hype was at an all time high when I recorded the first ADP numbers so the drop was expected when Cincy said he would start in the minors. Aaron Harang is a decent option, I might draft him in a deep league. Maybe even the Zito… maybe… as long as he doesn’t play his guitar in my clubhouse.