Star’s Shares: 6/24/13

Young Money
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Most fantasy writers have no problem recommending players you should go after, but do they really pick up all the players they hype up? I’ll answer for them: no. Here on “Star’s Shares,” we’ll discuss players yours truly has personally invested in throughout the three leagues I’m in. If a player is good enough to sit on one of my teams, then surely they are worthy of your attention. 


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The 13-Teamer Pick-Ups

The bros in this tier are the ones many of you will find most useful. This league features just one catcher, three outfielders, and no CIs or MIs. It also utilizes classic 5×5 roto categories and daily free agent pickups. It’s as default as it gets, with one major difference: the innings limit is 2000. It forces streaming and aggressive pitching strategies. This is a league I’ve been running for over 10 years. The league is composed of personal friends of mine, Sons of Roto readers, and a couple of competitive fantasy gamers found on Yahoo! message boards. 


Brandon Moss

How is he owned in just 35-percent of leagues? Yes, public league inaction explains some of the skewed ownership rates out there, but not to this extent. Yeah he’ll probably hit below .250, but he’s on pace for 25-plus HRs and has the potential to drive in over 80 RBIs. With power being hard to come by, a player like Moss carries a nice chunk of value.


DJ LeMahieu

LeMahieu’s eligibility at 2B and 3B in Yahoo! leagues is nice. Even sweeter is the fact that he’s nine-for-nine in steals in just 124 PAs. Granted, he’ll do jack shit for you in the HR and RBI departments, but with regular PAs, LeMahieu is a solid player to roll with right now if you need swipes. 


The Keeper Krackpots

This is a 10-team, head-to-head keeper league that I joined this year after inheriting someone’s team. Even though it’s only 10 teams, it’s a highly competitive money league that has waivers three times a week. Only one catcher in this one, but five OFs (LF/CF/RF/OF/OF), plus a CI and MI. Saves do not count for shit in this league, which gives it a nice twist. OBP, SLG, K/BB, and quality starts count on top of the usual 5×5 cats. Of course, because it’s a keeper league, you also take next year into consideration with some of the pickups.


Kyle Lohse & Kevin Correia

Wanted to go with a pair of waiver-wire two-start SPs and these two were the best available. Nothing much to see here. 


The Blog Wars Ballers
Blog Wars is the annual Sons of Roto league. It’s a 15-team roto joint that includes writers from Yahoo!, Razzball, Fangraphs, and others. It’s 5×5 and is a daily league, but includes two catchers, five OFs, a CI, and an MI. There are also five DL spots and daily free agent moves are allowed. It’s highly competitive because everyone in here writes about fantasy baseball and is usually picking up a sleeper weeks before the casual fan even hears of them. For this league, the waiver wire is mostly about long-term potential and it’s not uncommon to see people stash dudes who aren’t even starting. Of course, because of the depth, it’s also normal to see people picking up scrubs simply because they are getting regular playing time.


Eric Young Jr.

EY2 spent a couple of years looking like a potential Vince Coleman-type of player. Sadly, Young hasn’t shown off the same type of fireworks that Coleman possessed. To be fair, he was never really given a fair shake in Colorado. The team obviously had trust issues with Young, and he spent his Rockies tenure being moved around the field without ever getting a real shot at everyday playing time. Now in New York, Young finds himself in an interesting situation. The Mets have run out a laughing stock of players in their outfield and leadoff position this year, so Young is getting a chance to start regularly at the top of the lineup. Thus far, the results have been encouraging (five games, 8-for-22, three doubles, five RBIs, three runs). It’s quite possible that Young will fall off and prove to Colorado that he really was never anything more than a fourth OF. Then again, he has the right combination of plate patience and speed to be a difference-maker in the stolen base department. If you are desperate for steals, this is a damn good place to start. 


Pedro Ciriaco

Like Young, Ciriaco has found early success with everyday playing time on a new team. The Padres have been dealing with injuries to their infield and Ciriaco has been doing well since joining the club (nine games, 8-for-26, HR, three SBs). Ciriaco doesn’t have Young’s crazy high SB upside, but he can certainly chip in across the board nicely for an MI. He’s worth the add in deeper formats.


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