Starting Pitcher Rankings (21-40)

If you were wondering what Yu Darvish’s ceiling looks like, this is it.
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We’re getting close (sniff sniff). I can smell Clayton Kershaw’s beard from here. We’re one installment away. Today we’re talking Starting Pitchers 21 through 40. You can view 41-60 here and 61-80+ here. After the jump, SP rankings and projections.

PS- you can thank me for not using this picture that Starbonell insisted upon.

Note: the following rankings are for standard, roto, Y! leagues (cap on Innings Pitched). The rankings were based on my projections, concern for injury or innings cap and potential ceiling/floor.

Rankings 21 through 40 And my fascination with Brandon Morrow continues. The guy has the potential to put up Lincecum-like numbers (the AL East version). Look for more improvement in the control department as he settles in and gets more rotational experience. Only Brandon Beachy and Zack Greinke had a better K/9 last season (min 140 IP). I broke down the Yu Darvish projection here. I still like Ubaldo Jimenez despite the move to the American League and, well, what happened last season. Ubie still has the ability to miss bats and induce weak contact, with both low Line Drive percentages and high Ground Ball percentages. He is a prime bounce back candidate. Josh Beckett is an obvious candidate for regression. He followed up his 1.54 WHIP, 5.78 ERA season (2010) with a 1.03 WHIP, 2.89 ERA season in 2011, but the career bests in LOB% and BABIP are unsustainable. So the question remains, how much regression should you expect? I beat up on Beckett if you look at his ’11 numbers, but I was actually generous with the 8.15 K/9 and 2.37 BB/9 considering his age (32) and track record for health. You can pretty much say the same things about James Shields, minus the remarks about age and health. It’s safe to say I would not be investing in these two pitchers in 2012.

Rank Starting Pitcher SO-WHIP-ERA-Win-IP
21 BRANDON BEACHY 204-1.20-3.46-14-190
22 DAN HAREN 182-1.15-3.48-16-230
23 MATT CAIN 178-1.16-3.07-14-220
24 BRANDON MORROW 209-1.25-3.46-14-190
25 UBALDO JIMENEZ 202-1.28-3.23-15-210
26 YU DARVISH 184-1.22-3.47-15-200
27 MATT GARZA 187-1.22-3.38-13-200
28 ANIBAL SANCHEZ 196-1.26-3.42-13-195
29 DANIEL HUDSON 172-1.16-3.27-15-220
30 SHAUN MARCUM 171-1.15-3.47-14-200
31 JORDAN ZIMMERMANN 173-1.14-3.28-13-195
32 CHRIS CARPENTER 172-1.15-3.31-13-220
33 JOSH BECKETT 172-1.21-3.65-14-190
34 JAIME GARCIA 159-1.24-3.33-13-200
35 GIO GONZALEZ 195-1.30-3.60-13-205
36 RICKY ROMERO 170-1.25-3.64-14-215
37 NEFTALI FELIZ 158-1.24-3.44-12-170
38 JAMES SHIELDS 184-1.24-3.93-14-215
39 CORY LUEBKE 164-1.21-3.46-11-190
40 DANIEL BARD 171-1.27-3.74-14-195

Do you think I did Josh Beckett an injustice? Did I confirm your suspicions? Do you want more? Along with these numbers I have projections for Total Batters Faced (yep), K/9, BB/9, IBB, HBP, Fly Balls, HR/FB% and BABIP. We can get hot and heavy, the comment section is all yours.