Starting Pitcher Rankings (41-60)

Continuing with the countdown to Kershaw. Starting Pitchers 61 through 80+ can be found here. Starting Pitchers 41 through 60 can be found after the jump. And go.

Note: the following rankings are for standard, roto, Y! leagues (cap on Innings Pitched). The rankings were based on my projections, concern for injury or innings cap and potential ceiling/floor.

Rankings 41 through 60 Now we’re starting to get into some interesting Pitchers. Does anyone feel confident about Max Scherzer? I warned of the extra base hits coming from his bloated BABIP. At least his bionic shoulder showed increased strength down the stretch last season. He put an end to the downward trend in velocity (albeit he simply kept pace with last season). I’m still intrigued with Bud Norris and Mike Minor. You can add Chris Sale to that list now. His pitches have great movement, which has led to high strikeout ratios, an abundant of ground balls induced and few line drives allowed. The key for Sale will be limiting free bases as he joins the rotation. Erik Bedard makes for an interesting flier pick. The strikeouts are still there and he’s in the NL now. We all know the story with the shoulder, but he’s worth the gamble at pick 226 (MDC ADP). Johnny Cueto will be overrated this season as he tries to follow up his 1.09 WHIP and 2.31 ERA season from ’11 (156 IP). He’s currently going as the 32nd SP off the board at MDC and has ZERO chance of repeating his .249 BABIP from last season. The difference between that BABIP and his career norm (.290-.298) would have been 20 base hits (singles, doubles, triples). The 5.8% HR/FB% is awfully suspicious too, especially for a Pitcher with a 10.2% career HR/FB% who calls the Great American Bandbox home. The bottom line with Johnny Cueto is this; he’s actually going to hurt you in Strikeouts while disappointing everyone this season. Prediction: the guy who drafts Cueto will also draft Jair Jurrjens. This section of the rankings contains a good chunk of our low-K, solid ratio Pitchers. Ground balls, location and a knuckleballer. And then we reach “the point of Nolasco”. A term which appropriately describes the feeling when you’re trying to decide whether or not to drop Ricky Nolasco. Not so Pretty Ricky has teased many a manager. Draft him with low expectations while secretly having high expectations, and enjoy the ride.

Rank Starting Pitcher SO-WHIP-ERA-Win-IP
41 MAX SCHERZER 174-1.28-4.06-13-195
42 BUD NORRIS 190-1.31-4.06-10-195
43 MIKE MINOR 172-1.29-3.98-11-190
44 CHRIS SALE 162-1.28-3.71-11-170
45 BRANDON McCARTHY 148-1.16-3.34-13-205
46 GAVIN FLOYD 155-1.19-3.65-13-195
47 JOHN DANKS 159-1.24-3.74-13-200
48 TED LILLY 163-1.16-3.83-12-195
49 TREVOR CAHILL 152-1.23-3.60-13-205
50 JUSTIN MASTERSON 152-1.28-3.56-13-200
51 HIROKI KURODA 147-1.25-3.88-14-195
52 ERIK BEDARD 139-1.29-3.60-8-140
53 DOUG FISTER 131-1.21-3.42-14-200
54 R.A. DICKEY 137-1.19-3.47-13-210
55 TIM HUDSON 138-1.22-3.56-14-215
56 SCOTT BAKER 143-1.24-3.92-11-170
57 JAKE PEAVY 141-1.22-3.76-10-170
58 JOSHUA COLLMENTER 123-1.20-3.69-12-190
59 JOHNNY CUETO 141-1.27-3.78-12-195
60 RICKY NOLASCO 166-1.29-4.00-10-205

Did the Johnny Cueto projection hurt your feelings? Did I confirm your suspicions? Do you want more? Along with these numbers I have projections for Total Batters Faced (yep), K/9, BB/9, IBB, HBP, Fly Balls, HR/FB% and BABIP. We can get hot and heavy, the comment section is all yours.