Supply & Demand

Supply and demand can be a bitch. That is about the only way to explain a $30 bid on Jay Bruce. Picture MDS sitting there all smug, thinking his shit don’t stink and he’s going to snag Bruce for $15. Within a few seconds he was left sitting on the pot looking for makeshift toilet paper (pardon the French, I’ve had a few Leinenkugels). Yesterday Jay Bruce went for $30 in the NL-Only auction league. I snagged him for $16 in the Roto Arcade Pro-Am a few hours beforehand, so what gives? Supply and Demand.

The NL-Only league was deep enough to leave managers wondering where they would find At Bats. We start 60 OF each day and we have to fill a UT spot. There simply weren’t enuff OF to go around. The supply couldn’t meet the demand. When people realized the depth of available Outfielders was getting shallow, they started spending. Bruce went for $30, Carlos Gonzalez went for $24, Carlos Lee went for $33 and even Garrett Jones went for an outrageous $18. Garrett freakin Jones. I had to spend $16 to get Conor Jackson. When Ricky Nolasco was the last difference making SP available, he ended going for more money than 5 Starting Pitchers I had ranked ahead of him and I was still disappointed I didn’t land him. Jonathan Broxton went for $21 early in the draft, later on 5 closers were within $4 of that price. That is what a dwindling supply can do to managers. If you save your budget to acquire Middle Round depth, your plan can easily backfire on you; leaving you with a bunch of mediocre players.

Like all aspects of the game, you can take advantage. After I spent $41 on Chase Utley, I was the person to nominate Brandon Phillips, Dan Uggla and Ian Stewart. If I was going to spend big money on a 2B, I wanted others to do the same. I almost didn’t care what I had to pay for Utley, the talent immediately beneath him in NL-Only leagues is Uggly. I think I was also the person to nominate Miguel Montero. In this league, there were only so many starting Catchers to go around. I wanted to nominate popular Catchers, hoping a bidding war would erupt. A lot of ppl love Montero. I like him, but not as much as others. You can’t simply extrapolate his one good half season of play. He went for $17, I got Clement and Pudge for a combined $11 later on. Popular sleeper picks that you do not like are great early nominations.

Aside from the infamous $40 elbow bid, here were some other crazy prices in the NL-Only league (and yes, I have a Player Hating Degree, so I have the right to call out winning bids): $37 for Pablo Sandoval (I was involved in that one), $35 for Adam Wainwright, I spent $15 for Kyle Blanks, Rickie Weeks went for $20, Casey McGehee for $14, $28 for Andre Ethier, $29 for Aramis Ramirez (I helped drive up that price after Pablo escaped my grasp), $19 for Jorge Cantu, $17 for Francisco Cordero, $6 for Jason Motte. I can’t really say that these were mistakes, but I can say they are crazy. Is someone wrong to spend $29 on ARam when the rest of the 3B options stink? If they have the money without other obvious needs, why not spend it? I tell ya tho, only in an Auction league will you see Carlos Lee and Tulowitzki go for the same price. F snake drafts. Bar keep, Another Leiney! please