Talkin ADP: Hitters

talking ADP for hitters. standard leagues, nothing too deep. ADPs are from MockDraftCentral

Catcher: I rarely draft a catcher early in a draft, but if I did, I think would go after Brian McCann. You can get Mauer-esque numbers 30 picks after Joe goes… Mike Napoli, Miguel Montero, Geovany Soto, Doumit are nice options and of course the predictable AJP rounds off the top 12. Salty’s shoulder is recovering well, but I don’t like to mess around with shoulder problems. The deep league two catcher set ups are going to be very interesting.

First Base: Deep position, a party of five and a bunch of fall back options. It’d be hard for me to take Votto over Adrian Gonzalez, there is no way Votto hits 40 HR. Plus, if Adrian gets traded he will be going to a better hitters park, no matter what. The trade will happen… maybe not this season tho. Morneau will outproduce Votto too, if he can stay healthy. Back problems suck. Pena is recovering well from his finger surgery and should hit 40 HR. Billy Butler is overrated at his 89 ADP. I can get the same stats from James Loney, who goes at 247. Adam Laroche (270) will provide more value than Butler. Todd Helton (209) will give him a run for his money too.

Second Base: Zobrist (60) and Beckham (94) are good options if you don’t land Utley, Kinsler, Pedroia, Phillips, Roberts or Cano. I’m not paying for Aaron Hill (46). Will avoid Dan Uggla (85) if I can. Rickie Weeks (201) is interesting, assuming you have an adequate replacement player available for the inevitable wrist injury.

Shortstop: Not as thin as past years. Jeter may be the one to pursue, you can get ARod’s little buddy at a decent price (51) and he will post similar numbers to what you’ll get from Tulo. Zobrist again, even tho he’ll see some regression in his AVG (I’m projecting .270). Alexei Ramirez (108) and Yunel Escobar (156) are good values. Cheaper options: Alcides Escobar, Elvis Andrus, Erick Aybar. Raphael Furcal at 131 is a bad investment.

Third Base: Thin position, especially if someone uses Reynolds, Youkilis or Sandoval at 1B. If you don’t land one of the top 8 players, you could be screwed. You’ll need to get some power at 2nd or SS if you want to play Figgins at the hot corner. Michael Young is decent, I guess. Chipper is too busy walking off an injury. Beltre is a nice rebound option and his 191 ADP is choice. Maybe Alex Gordon (235) puts it together. Brandon Wood (334)? How about Troy Glaus (333)? Scott Rolen (330) in Cincy? Just keep Casey McGehee (221) away from me.

Outfield: Why did BFun have to rank Justin Upton that high? dirty. I try not to draft OF too early if we’re using 3 of em, deeper leagues with 5 OF are different. Granderson will be a slightly cheaper version of Werth. Bobby Abreu (77) is consistent and underrated. Jason Bay and his 25 ADP will not be on any of my teams. I’ll get his stats from Nelson Cruz (70), Shin-Shoo Choo (73) or Raul Ibanez (92). Adam Lind (43) is a solid hitter, but overrated. I think Hunter Pence (89) is a better option than Hamilton (51), Soriano (71) or BJ Upton (60). I like Hunter (97), Mclouth (89), Quentin (103), Bruce (124), Span (126). Beltran can Suck It after what he did to my NL only team last year. Vernon Wells comeback anyone? Why draft Michael Bourn at pick 66 when you can have Nyjer Morgan (125), Rajai Davis (162), Julio Borbon (211) or Drew Stubbs (315)? It pains me to say it, but I think Jason Kubel will regress and not be worth his sticker price. Nolan Reimold is a nice cheap option (222).