Ever since the MDS blog site has graced the infamous pages of Roto Arcade, I’ve been bombarded with admiration from adoring fans congratulating me, wishing me well and throwing their panties on stage. I’d like to share some of these wonderful messages that prove, MDS is on top of the game. Hey, don’t take it from me, these ppl know whats up:

“…MDS…you are an annoying schmuck…” – Ryan
“odds that MDS lives in his parents basement? I say 2-1.” – Bush
“More like “million_dollar_I have never seen a vagina” – Ryan P
“… i think hes arrogant and over the top…” – The Franchise
“Odds that MD-dill has serious mental problems…” – MC Gusto
“…The English language is officially dead.” – TJ A
“…MDS has no life AND wants to get in Yahoo panties…” – Diz
“…feel free to email me your blogs for editing…” – The Fresh One
“…Your website sucks, and your rankings do too. Get a job.” – BigNad
“Mds is not perfect” – Beev