The Brandon Lyon is so Bad Post

I Googled “Brandon Lyon” and this guy was the best Pitcher who appeared.
Photo Credit: apparently Brandon Lyon’s web cam

Brandon Lyon is so bad that numerical values cannot define his ineptitude. The same day we witnessed Brandon Morrow drop down a 18.69 ERA, we seen Brandon Lyon’s ERA reach Infinite. The very day we had to sit and watch Colby Lewis offer up a 6.75 WHIP, we seen Brandon Lyon’s WHIP stretch to Infinite. Lyon’s ERA and WHIP knew no bounds on Saturday, they were the stars of the Never Ending Story.

When Atlanta and Houston took to overtime last night the score was 2 – 2. Nine innings weren’t enough to declare a winner, but it would take only one inning to declare a wiener. That wiener was Brandon Lyon. Brandon took the ball in the top of the 10th and promptly gave up a single and a stolen base to Jordan Schaefer. He then walked Dan Uggla, a man of many disappointments himself. Up came Brian McCann with men on first and second. A three-run blast to deep right confirmed what we all suspected, Brandon Lyon is really bad. If all that weren’t enough Chipper Jones doubled off the forsaken Pitcher before he was pulled off the mound. In four At Bats the Braves were a triple short of a cycle against Lyon, the very man who is supposedly being eased back into the role of Closer, the game saver.

Easing Brandon Lyon back into the ninth inning is like easing a [insert large object] into a [insert human orifice]. In two of his last three appearances he’s failed to record an out. We’re not talking about walking two batters before a phone call was made to the bullpen, we’re talking about 7 H, 2 BB and 7 ER. Seven runs crossed the plate without him recording on out. Seven! Even Mike McCoy, Toronto’s reserve infielder, recorded three outs against a Red Sox lineup that piled 16 runs against his ball club in one day.

After four straight appearances with Earned Runs attached to his name, Brandon Lyon is the not-so-proud owner of a 10.22 ERA and 2.35 WHIP. Brandon Lyon is the George Thorogood of Major League Baseball. Brandon Lyon drinks alone and he is bad to the bone. I described my disbelief in Brad Mills’ statement the day before, but it’s time for you to voice your opinion. Is Brad Mills crazy? Do the owners of Mark Melancon have anything to fear? Will Brandon Lyon record another Save this season?