The Cheeks Weather Report 5/20 – 5/21

Like Mr. Teaford’s hometown, Milwaukee will be full of fog and drunken 8-year olds.

Photo Credit: gwire

The weekend is almost upon us so we’re gonna celebrate by serving up a double-stuffed edition of The Cheeks Weather Report. We’ve had a rough couple of days weather wise, but everything is always better on the weekend. Things look to be pretty calm for the opening of interleague play yet, as always, we need to be aware of a few potential problems.

Friday May 20th

NYM vs. NYY The subway series kicks off with a 52% chance of all night thunderstorms. The New York weather has been gloomy for most of the week, but aside from one Mets postponement it hasn’t caused nearly the havoc that was originally predicted. Check back before game time, but I’m pretty sure this one will be fine with maybe a small delay or two.
STL vs. KC 70% chance of thunderstorms all night long.

Saturday May 21st

LAD vs. CWS 62% chance of thunderstorms.
STL vs. KC 45% chance of thunderstorms.
COL vs. MIL These two are losers who couldn’t find an AL team with whom to play so their moms convinced them to matchup against each other. Their play date, however, may be interrupted as there is a 59% chance of thunderstorms. There’s also a fog warning that may make this game look like an early morning in Mr. Teaford’s hometown.