The Contest

Want a free copy of MLB 2K10 for the game system of your choice? An Evan Longoria Fathead Jr? A Buffalo Wild Wings hoodie? Roto Experts has a contest and you gotta Fight For Your Write. Create a draft strategy from their Free Draft Kit, describe how you used their insight to get a leg up on the competition and claim your prizes. The winner will have their work published on the Roto Experts website and I think I already know who is going to win… MDS. Below you will find an excerpt from the soon to be winning article.

Fight For Your Write is an obvious play on the Beastie Boys, so picture Mark Strausberg and Chris Carbonell sitting on a couch talking about the contest, when MDS busts down the door with his size 13 boot. KICK IT!

“I have read all the great information provided by the Roto Experts staff and created the best eva draft strategy. I’m going to draft Joe Mauer in Rd 1 and draft another Catcher in Rd 2 and 3. The position is so shallow so I will have major trade bait after the draft. The guy who drafted Albert Pujols will come crawling to me and I’ll give him Russell Martin straight up for Prince Albert. In Rd 4 I will address Saves, going with KRod or Brad Lidge. KRod set the record not too long ago and Lidge was perfect in 2008. I can’t miss! In Rd 5 and 6 I will draft Stolen Bases. I’m thinking these Rds are the perfect time to draft Juan Pierre and Willy Tavares. In 2003 Juan Pierre stole 65 bases, eat your heart out Carl Crawford. What! What!”

and it goes on from there. You have 2,000 words to best MDS. Good Luck.

A contest I actually want to win is Fan vs Wild with Bear Grylls. I’ve been camping in the Boundary Waters, solo style, for over 40 days so hiking, climbing and swimming with Bear wont be tough. I’m hoping for being stranded on a tropical island with plenty of coconuts, wild pigs and native women. I might not come back.