the Flaming Homers

This is my first real draft of the season. 14 team custom H2H league, OPS and Holds added to standard 5×5 stats, 10 hitters, 9 pitchers, 5 bench. It’s my BDay today and I drafted Homer Bailey so you can safely assume I have been consuming Flaming Homers leading up to the draft. I mixed together the remaining contents from near empty liquor bottles, some Krusty’s non-narcotic cough syrup and cigarette ash from an ugly sister-in-law and just like that, Homer Bailey joined the team.

Hanley was a no-brainer, Youkilis had a .961 OPS last season (better than ARod & Longoria) and Sizemore was a nice grab in Rd 3. This guy owes me from last season and he helps me acquire speed without losing much in power. I like the balanced approach when it comes to steals. Shin-Shoo Choo also fit in well with this plan.

After Jon Lester was stolen from my hands (at pick 52), I went with Ubaldo Jimenez. He is a favorite of mine going into the season and it showed when I took him in front of Tommy Hanson (60), Johan Santana (64), Josh Johnson (65), Javier Vazquez (69), Kershaw (73) and Gallardo (76). I would like to have waited on the position a little while longer, but I wasn’t going to get any of these guys with my next pick.

Berkman and Beckham will be a little bit of a nuisance during the first week. Berkman may not be ready for the Opener, but the only other decent option was Carlos Pena who is 2 for 28 this Spring and coming off finger surgery. In the end I sided with Berkman who had the better OPS (.908) and doesn’t have the Batting Average issue. I’m not too excited to roster Berkman, but he’s not as bad people make him out to be. Beckham won’t have 2B elig until the end of the first week so he can play 3B and Youk can slide over to 1B while Berkman rehabs.

Wandy Rodriguez seemed to fall right into my lap at pick 111. This pick made me happy so I didn’t mind reaching a bit for Brett Anderson. He was the next best SP in my ranks and I didn’t feel confident getting him 25 picks later. Kevin Slowey was another SP I was hoping wouldn’t be snaked in front of me. I have high expectations for Slowey. Carl Pavano isn’t the best 5th SP to have, but he isn’t bad. I’m really hoping one of my 3 upside pitchers (Bailey, Rzepczynski, Masterson) steps up and breaks out. Wade Davis was another I could have had and I may regret not taking him.

Sure I have some injury candidates in Chipper, Vladi and J.D. Drew, but the three of em are filling up my two UT spots. They all produce when healthy and I feel I can do well mixing and matching. Drew gives me OF depth (.914 OPS), Vladi could produce a profit playing in Texas and Chipper helps protect my 1B and 3B investments and could be a good trade chip when healthy and productive. My closer situation isn’t too pretty, but I do have 3, potentially 4, closers. I prefer quantity rather than quality when it comes to my saves. Eventually Gregg will lose the job to Frasor, I mean cmon. In the meantime, I can use the Holds.

Maybe I reached for Napoli a little bit, but the OPS is great, he’s having a good Spring, isn’t dealing the shoulder issues from last Spring and is on the upswing of his career. I like the Power he possesses. Maybe I’ll regret not waiting to take Jorge Posada later and maybe I missed out on Wade Davis, but if I do sulk over these picks and my team ends up not taking home the gold, I’ll always have a place to go to drink my misery away. Happiness is just a Flaming Homer awayyyy.