the Timeless Art of Trading

Youd be hard pressed to find someone who makes more trades than MDS. Im a salesman and master negotioater. Across my eight leagues I’ve made 29 trades. Even when Im not making trades, I like to prevent them with propaganda even the govt would be proud to dispense. You thought the Reefer Madness stuff was overboard, wait til you attempt to “sell high” in a MDS league. When the swam (who was above me in the standings at the time) was looking to sell high on Torii Hunter early in the season, MDS was right there handing out pamphlets warning about Torii’s 2nd half collapses. Now this may or may not be true, that doesnt matter. Its not a lie if you believe it. Wise words from the great George Costanza. Lets take a look at some different kinds of trades…

the 3 way trade: less common b/c of the work involved and they’re only possible in private leagues. A friendly commissioner who is willing to add/drop players via the commish tools is the only way its gonna happen these days… I’ve pulled one of these off in my dyno league before the season started where I gave up Stephen Drew, Markakis, Bedard n Volquez in return for Jose Reyes & Dan Uggla.
the always popular 2 for 1: how many times have you gotten an email saying some dude wants to trade you JD Drew & Edwin Encaracion for Aram? yep, I send those out. Not to that degree of stupidity, but I’ve seen my fair share of those. In dynasty or keeper leagues, its nice to offer these deals to the teams at the bottom of the standings. Just recently I sent Soto & Joba to the last place team for Matt Cain. In keeper leagues that allow you to keep a certain number of players, you might be wise to make a risky deal to improve your keeper group.
the free agent replacement deal: In that last trade above (Soto & Joba for Cain) I was inclined to make the deal b/c Miguel Montero was working out better as Soto’s replacement than Soto would have done himself. So he became expendable. Im not afraid to sell these guys at discounts if they’re performing poorly. I dealt Stephen Drew for Kevin Slowey when Ben Zobrist started getting steady playing time. Drew was just sitting on my bench and DL and I needed some SP help when Chris Young pulled up lame.
the straight-up deal: these tend to be the trades I send out most often. My league mates arent accepting many 2 for 1’s these days, maybe in a blog league. My favorite straight-up trades are when you sell high on a player while getting a boost in value with the other players involved. When I suspected Brad Hawpe was about to come back down to Erf and the Nationals fired their coach, I traded Longoria & Hawpe for Miguel Cabrera & Nyjer Morgan. I knew Miggy tends to pick up the pace in the 2nd half and Morgan’s new coach was gonna send him running more often.
the prevention trade: once in awhile youll see someone put on the trading block who shouldnt be there. In two blog leagues, dudes were looking to deal Evan Longoria and Chase Utley and didn’t mind downgrading in talent to meet team needs. MDS wasnt about to let anyone else get in on this so I jumped on the opportunity immediately and after some tense negotiations I landed both superstars.
the late night acceptance trade: In my winners league, the league veto’d my trade twice before I emailed my fellow trader and told him to wait til 1:30 am central (2 am central is the start of a new day for fantasy purposes) to accept the deal. This way our trade would spend a half day less pending. With less time our trade was finally able to pass thru inspection.
complete overhaul trades: this is a new one to MDS, but it did happen. Warning: if youre easily frightened, dont read this…. In a league that had a 20 IP weekly min, used saves n holds and allowed us to use 9 P spots (no SP mandatory) MDS finished the draft without a single SP. none. For some reason, I thought I could pull out the sv, hld, era, whip cats every week using nothing but closers and premiere set up men. Also believing my elite hitters could pull out most if not all the hitting stats so I couldnt lose. After 3 or 4 weeks, the experiment was deemed a complete failure and I had to overhaul. Chip Foose wasnt gonna help me so I became a door to door salesman. 7 trades later and I have only 2 of my original 24 players. It wasnt pretty.
We’re selling high, buying low, talking up our players and typing dirty words about opposing players in the comments box. There are all kinds of trades, but they all have one thing in common… we’re just trying to help our team. Some work, some dont. Its all apart of the game, you live n learn. Just keep wheelin n dealin and always remember this.