The Untouchables

There is a group of players that I am avoiding like the plague. A group of players whom I will not draft. There are times when I’ll nominate a player and leave the computer for the frosty goodness of a pale ale while others duke it out for the rights to be disappointed. I’d rather grab a beer than get a discount on an injured/injury prone player. There are three players who, in my not-so-humble opinion, are untouchable: Justin Morneau, Kendrys Morales and Chase Utley. I guess we could also throw in Joe Mauer, Jimmy Rollins, Carlos Beltran and Grady Sizemore for good measure. Let’s take a look at their going rates in my latest auction leagues. Make the jump to see what others are paying in larger, competitive leagues.

Justin Morneau is quite possibly the weakest human being on the planet. A knee to the head from John McDonald ended Morneau’s career. It’s over. Forget about him. If Morneau trips and falls while running to First Base, he’ll probably require a trip to the 60-day DL. That’s if his back holds up while swinging and the gravitational pull from his swollen head doesn’t pull in any roaming Fastballs. You’re asking for trouble if you’re relying on Morneau as your First Baseman. Beware.

Kendrys Morales broke his leg trying to mimic Dan Gladden’s home plate hop ‘n stomp. That’s what happens you try stealing our boy’s move. Morales’ rehab has “plateaued” or stalled as he’s unable to run the base paths. There’s no telling when he’ll be able to play in games. We don’t know if this will affect his swing either. I’m guessing it won’t, but what do I know. I have a rule; I don’t draft injured players. The way teams push players these days, a set back is likely to come. Beware.

Chase Utley has the mysterious knee injury that refuses to heal. The team lied to us with the first diagnosis, now they’ve admitted it’s worse than originally thought. He can hit, but he can’t run or field the ball. This could take weeks, months or even require surgery. Utley is seeking the help of holistic healers from across the globe. Unfortunately, not even Thor Ackman‘s cramp bark elixir or the healing power of Braco’s gaze can save Utley’s knee. He remains doubtful for Opening Day. When we hear about a second and third opinion, surgery is only days away. Beware.

Joe Mauer has a history of knee issues. Playing Catcher will do that to you, especially when you’re 6’5 and 230 lbs. It’s only a matter of time when he’s the Twinkies’ Designated Hitter. Hopefully a major injury won’t push the issue, but he’s already getting oil injections in his troublesome knee like he’s the tin man. Mauer’s recovery from arthroscopic knee surgery (in December) is reportedly going well, but I’m skeptical. It’s a long season and the Twins have Kubel/Thome to fill the DH slot. This could get ugly quick. Beware.

Jimmy Rollins said he was going to steal 50 bases in 2010. That didn’t happen. You want to know why? Cuz He’s a Liar! Jimmy has dealt with leg injuries since 2008, the days of him stealing 40 bases are long gone. He’s 32, going on 43, and shouldn’t be the Phillies leadoff hitter. If Rollins’ develops a case of the Jimmy-legs, his value wil take a huge hit. If Victorino wrestles away At Bats atop the order, his value will take a hit. Rollins is being drafted as the 4th best Shortstop and he’s the 6th best in my book, assuming he’s healthy. He’s overrated and an injury risk. Beware.

Carlos Beltran has two bum knees. I’m not sure if I can think of a worse situation. His glory days are behind him and I’m sick of all the fanboys saying “if this” and “if that” when talking about Beltran bouncing back. He’s not coming back. He’s done. Beltran is going down, count on it. Beware.

Grady Sizemore is coming off microfracture surgery. Those words alone should be enough to keep you away from him. He’s not going to steal bases this year. Not going to happen. There goes half his value. Don’t give me this, “if he bounces back” crap. It’s not happening. He’s going to hit for a poor Batting Average with 25 HR. You’ll be lucky if he steals more than five bases. His one leg is six inches shorter than the other. This is how little I think of Grady, he went for $1 in a league and I was too scared to bump the bid to $2. Beware.


Mr Baseball Challenge 1 (16-team H2H league)
Draft date: Sunday, Mar. 13th
Standard scoring plus OPS

$30 Jimmy Rollins
$23 Chase Utley
$21 Kendrys Morales
$20 Joe Mauer
$18 Justin Morneau
$9 Grady Sizemore
$5 Carlos Beltran


FB365 vs MDS Blog League (14-team H2H league)
Draft date: Saturday, Mar. 12th
OBP, SLG replaced AVG, HR

$26 Joe Mauer (Charlie Saponara)
$25 Justin Morneau
$23 Jimmy Rollins
$21 Chase Utley
$17 Kendrys Morales
$2 Carlos Beltran
$1 Grady Sizemore

Anabolic Small Balls 2k11 (14-team H2H league)
Draft date: Thursday, Feb. 24th
OBP and SLG replaced AVG, HR. Keeper league

$41 Chase Utley
$29 Joe Mauer
$29 Jimmy Rollins
$23 Justin Morneau
$27 Kendrys Morales
$10 Grady Sizemore
$1 Carlos Beltran

Roto Arcade Pro-Am (14-team H2H league)
Draft date: Wednesday, Feb. 23rd
Standard scoring

$37 Chase Utley (Scott Pianowski)
$26 Kendrys Morales (R.J. White)
$25 Joe Mauer
$21 Justin Morneau (Razzball)
$21 Jimmy Rollins (R.J. White)
$10 Carlos Beltran
$9 Grady Sizemore (R.J. White)