Talk to the Hanrahan

Are you in a league where Saves are hard to come by? Are you having troubles prying away a Closer from an opposing manager? Do you need someone to help stave off Blackbeard when you go boating for the fourth of July? The Pirates have the answers to your questions. Just call in to the Pittsburgh saves-a-thon hot line 1-800-SAVE-PIT. There is a 98% chance you can talk to the Hanrahan. Octavio Dotel is on fire and there have already been rumors of him going to the Marlins. He will be dealt by the July 31st deadline and Joel Hanrahan will be there to pick up the Saves. Supplies are limited, call in now.

The 2% owned Joel Hanrahan is on five of my teams. Three leagues count Holds, one is NL-Only and he is my Dotel insurance policy in the fifth. Not even counting the 12 Holds he has, Joel has been useful, especially in the past month. He currently has a 4.01 ERA and 1.07 WHIP with 48 K in 33.2 IP. In the past month he has a 1.50 ERA and 0.92 WHIP with 15 K in 12 IP. If your league has an innings cap, those extra strike outs are nice to have. Evan Meek has been a little better statistically, but he doesn’t have the experience of Hanrahan and he isn’t getting much 8th inning work compared to his Pirate matey. I believe it is safe to assume that Hanrahan will slide from the 8th inning role into the closer job.

Pick up Joel Hanrahan. Do it now. Pick up Evan Meek too if you have the room, they have a combined 2.26 ERA and 0.95 WHIP with 90 K in 79.2 IP. Those are good numbers and one of them is guaranteed to be the closer soon. Just don’t tell Octavio Dotel that his days as a closer are in Davy’s Grip. I know who I have my money on. And if some landlubber comes trying to trade you Octavio Dotel after his recent six Save outburst, just tell him to “talk to the Hanrahan”.