Aaron Murray from is hosting and sponsoring an AL-Only auction league. Invited to compete against ten other bloggers in no-holds-barred roto action was yours truly. The player pool was halved, the rosters were expanded and as usual, I came away from the war room with the best team. After the jump, the team.

11-team, AL-Only, roto league
C(2), 1B, 3B, CI, 2B, SS, MI, OF(5), UT, P(8), BN(3), DL
1,500 Innings Pitched cap

Catcher Matt Wieters (13), Kurt Suzuki (8)
Corner Infield Matt Laporta (11), Alex Rodriguez (38), Kevin Youkilis (33)
Middle Infield Aaron Hill (15), Yunel Escobar (12), Ryan Raburn (12)
Outfield J.Pierre (16), M.Ordonez (13), C.Crisp (12), J.Drew (8), M.Cameron (1)
Utility Alberto Callaspo (2)
Bench Conor Jackson (1), Lonnie Chisenhall (5), Chris Carter (1)
Starting Pitcher C.Lewis(13), C.Wilson(11), M.Pineda(6), J.Niemann(6), J.Litsch(1)
Relief Pitcher Chris Perez (16), Kyle Farnsworth (5), Jesse Crain (1)

Goals Accomplished I have two solid Catchers who will log a lot of At Bats. The Corner and Middle Infielders are strong. I have at least one reliable Closer. I have high production talent with a couple prospects on the side.

Goals Not Accomplished I don’t have steady production from every hitting slot. I need a better plan than Mike Cameron for my 5th Outfielder until Lonnie Chisenhall or Chris Carter are promoted. Michael Saunders was the last bastion of hope, but I failed to drain enough money from my opponents before he was nominated. Someone hit me with the hammer. I would have liked to have a sixth SP too.

20/20 Hindsight I love my draft, but I’m not a fan of Matt LaPorta or Mike Cameron. I’ve sent an offer to Jon Williams of Advanced Fantasy Baseball: my LaPorta and Raburn for his Kila and Adam Jones. I’d lose some roster flexibility, but I’d gain a few stats and send LaPorta packing for someone who should be a bit more reliable. I’d still need to find At Bats from my UT spot though.

Notes Chris Perez was the last Closer to be nominated, that’s why I paid the premium (high demand, low supply).

Interesting Prices Jose Bautista (34), Carlos Santana (24), Mark Reynolds (21), Delmon Young (21), Brett Gardner (20), Mike Napoli (19), Rajai Davis (19), Nick Swisher (18), Adam Lind (18), Michael Brantley (17), Carlos Quentin (17), J.J. Hardy (16), David Ortiz (15), Manny Ramirez (14), Koji Uehara (11), Sean Rodriguez (11), Michael Saunders (10), Edwin Encarnacion (10), Fernando Rodney (7), Matt Joyce (6), Jake Fox (5), Jesus Montero (5)

Most deep league AL-Only rosters have a hole or three, my hole or two can easily be fillled as I just need to find At Bats from anyone (UT slot) and some solid ratios (ERA/WHIP) from a Pitcher. I believe my lineup is strong enough to support a Mitch Maier type until Chisenhall is called up in two months. Maybe I can use Carter to acquire an arm if need be. The team is strong. 

In other MDS-team related news, I have acquired a Middle Infielder in Blog Wars. Jose Lopez and Mark DeRosa are gone, but so is Chris Coghlan (yes!) and Jeremy Hellickson. Welcome to the team Alcides Escobar.