Vicious Rumors

There are rumors swirling around (again) about Virgil and I’m here to officially say they are not true. These people’s words are so digusting n shocking that not even I, MDS, can post them. They must be heard to be believed.

If Evans doesn’t think Virgil is real, then how’d he…

– call in and wait 37 min to get on

– told the call screener a fake question

– become the first Freak Show caller to say “long time listener, first time caller”

– then walk up to his face n dis him Beastie Boys style

[] podcast with Keith Petrower. We start at [00:47:54] and talk blog leagues, Vikings, Virgil n more

[Fantasy Freakshow] [Roto Arcade] prank phone call. Virgil gets even for the Barbara remarks at the very end of Part 2

Virgil scores two low blows with one question

[Roto Arcade] the Jermichael fail blog, Finley didn’t catch a ball

[F&F League] the infamous Brent Celek drop