Weather Warning for Friday

Mother Nature will be rocking rough and stuff with her afro puffs today
Photo Credit: ebonics187

Your boy Cheeks is back with an emergency Weatherology Report. Mother Nature has been kind recently, but the forecast for Friday looks particularly ominous. The entire East Coast is scheduled to receive their biggest beat down since the heyday of Death Row Records. So if you have any viable options to plug in the place of anyone listed below then you gotta heavily consider making th pre-emptive move to avoid being left hanging with the dreaded PPD. The rest of the weekend looks pretty clear so you can resume sipping on gin-and-juice worry free through the All-Star break.

COL vs. WAS 81% chance of thunderstorms
TB vs. NYY 60% chance of thunderstorms
ATL vs. PHI 60% chance of thunderstorms
CHI vs. PIT 49% chance of thunderstorms
HOU vs. FLA 50% chance of thunderstorms
BAL vs. BOS 44% chance of thunderstorms