White Men Can’t Bid

I think someone might be trying to hustle me. Just when I was ready to invite Nick P to a league, I remembered the movie White Men Can’t Jump. This guy is running around the Roto Arcade comment sections taking shots at and calling out MDS with his 39% Yahoo Profile

Playing in Y! leagues prior to this year just proves MDS is the fat kid in the kiddie pool. No auctions, no FAAB, just a no talent windbag polluting message boards. Clowns like this dude are everywhere.

Taking Y! leagues/profiles seriously is what makes you a no talent hack MDS. If you were’nt playing in Auction, FAAB, money leagues, you’re a chump. Guess what? You’re a chump. Keep trying to bully the slow kids for lunch money fatso – you got no currency in The Show. We’ll see if you even have the stones to play in a big league now that Y! has increased their functionality.

Next thing I know, Nick P will be whispering stuff in my ear when I’m making bids during the draft. I won’t be able to concentrate and make the necessary adjustments. Virgil will be mad cuz I won’t be able to take him to Red Lobster. Now that I think about it, I heard they’re making a movie about Nick P. Woody Harrelson will be playing Nick, but they decided to be more true to real life and casted Monique to play the role of his girlfriend. Gangsters are chasing Nick around town as he tries to hustle money from fantasy managers to pay off his gambling debts, Monique goes on Jeopardy, Nick sings her a song while strumming his guitar… next thing you know, Nick will be trying to be my co-manager in a big money league. Virgil ain’t having that and Nick P ain’t husting MDS.

or he isn’t hustling me and he just really, really sucks. I’m siding with Occam’s Razor here.