Yahoo! Fantasy Baseball has opened registration. 100 minutes in, I already had eight teams! How about you? If you want a challenge, there is always the Million Dollar Challenge. A true test of Fantasy Baseball skills, the MDC is a 14-16-team, rotisserie league with an expansive and balanced scoring system. Later, I will announce another blog league (head-to-head) that uses similar stats. I only get to choose six of my finest commenters for that one. Stay tuned.

Blog Wars is up and running. The lineup of Fantasy Baseball bloggers/writers will be announced, eventually. You should be able to view the teams and auction draft results, in due time.

Now the bad news. Them mothe*****ng coc******rs at Yahoo did not give us a Weekly Max IP option for custom head-to-head leagues. I’ve been waiting for this for three years now. First I tried asking, then I started demanding and this year I began to beg. Do I have to tell them I have cheeseburgers? A Weekly Max IP option is the ONLY way to prevent streaming. Limiting moves does not get rid of the true problem behind streaming, the scoring systems are rewarding whomever starts the most SP during the week. Whether you have one move or unlimited moves, the goal is the same: start the most SP. With a Weekly Max IP, your goal is to get the best stats with what you’re allowed. True fantasy baseball. Be sure to email Yahoo and tell them off.

Take a deep breath MDS… goosefraba. It could be worse, you could be playing at ESPN or CBS.