Go with Strasburg, if you want to Live

Stephen Strasburg has been nicknamed Jesus for a reason… well for many reasons. Nyjer Morgan, dubbed him Jesus because of his stuff: “When you see this kid live, the first thing that is going to come out of your mouth is ‘Jeeee-sus’….. I have never seen stuff like that. Everybody in here has played the game and nobody has seen stuff like this.” Fantasy managers call him Jesus because they expect him to carry their team on his back, perform miracles and die for their fantasy sins. I’m sure somewhere near the D.C. area, there are cults forming and there could be mass suicides if Strasburg isn’t called up soon. Even MDS is ready to drink the Kool-Aid.

Davey Johnson, the Nats special assistant, said, “He reminds me a lot of Doc (Dwight Gooden)…. A lot of guys get to the majors on ‘stuff’ and then it takes them years to learn command. He has both right now. Stuff and command works anywhere. And the icing on the cake is that he’s mature and has very good poise.”

Have you tried to trade for the Stras? Good luck. I hope you’re ready to make ritual sacrifices and give up all your worldly possessions. I asked each Strasburg owner what it would take for me to acquire Jesus from them. Most didn’t respond, but when I did hear back, the stuff I read was more outlandish than what reverends preach to brainwashed masses. Some explained to me the price was “extremely high” because they need Strasburg to save them from despair. Someone even made a porn reference that I didn’t understand. What I do understand is the high hopes. I passed up Jason Heyward for Strasburg in my dynasty league (mainly because I had too many OF and needed pitching) and because I have Lincecum and Ubaldo, I wont even entertain trade offers for him.

Recently there was a trade in the Blog Wars league that involved the Stras. Matt Wieters, Félix Hernández and Tim Hudson were sent packing for Joe Mauer, Stephen Strasburg and Carl Pavano. I’m not going to declare a winner in the deal, I just thought it was interesting. If I were auction drafting today, I think I would be ready to pay $18-$22 for Strasburg. I’m ready to ascend to fantasy heaven. We all know he is going to be called up soon, so what would you be willing to pay for Strasburg in an auction today?