Buser Invitational

First off, Matt Buser is not in this league. Virgil is upset. Blaze is crying foul. Frankly, I think it was false advertising and I might press charges. Right now, I have the IRS looking into how much he’s worth. Aside from Buser not being in the Buser Sports Invitational, the league is pretty solid. Mostly people who do well in public leagues and a handful of fantasy basketball cafe residents. This is a 12 team standard roto league and since Buser misrepresented, I decided to name my team after someone else’s player. “Sammy Hagar likes to party, David Lee Roth is the party.” [I love this song] I wish I could have drafted David Lee, but dam he went early in my only two drafts (picks 37 & 28). Sigh.

The draft started out well. I had easy choices: Amar’e over Jefferson, Roy, Deron… I went with Calderon over Billups, Kidd to balance out Stoudemire’s TOs and keep the percentages running well… I’m a big fan of David West‘s quiet, reliable production… Paul Pierce fell to the 39th pick for some reason… and it took me all of 3 seconds to draft the underrated John Salmons.

Then I hit a point in the player pool (60-70 range) where yahoo’s rankings go out the window. There’s no telling where players like Chandler, Anderson, Chalmers, Brewer are going to be selected. These guys are poorly o-ranked by Yahoo! I decided to forgo the wait n see approach and became proactive, drafting the players I wanted. I don’t regret passing on Camby, Harrington, Wallace, Redd, Turkoglu, Artest, Bibby. Those guys are a bunch of Sammy Hagars, they suck.

Don’t be afraid to Jump on a little early on these guys’ o-ranks:

LaMarcus Aldridge, David Lee, Rajon Rondo, Andrea Bargnani, Mo Williams, John Salmons, Eric Gordon, Jason Terry, Tyrus Thomas, Wilson Chandler, Luis Scola, Trevor Ariza, T.J. Ford, Thaddeus Young, Mario Chalmers, Nate Robinson, Ronnie Brewer, Greg Oden, Chris Anderson, Roy Hibbert, Ryan Gomes, Andres Nocioni