Fantasy Basketball Draft Prep: ADP Value

Big Ears, Big Numbers
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This post is simple. Just a list of players I expect to outperform their ADP according to ESPN leagues.

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Al Horford (ESPN ADP: 27.7) – Horford has expressed his desire to play PF but even if the Hawks don’t sign a center, I still think he will do work. He had a subpar postseason last year but I love Horford’s stat line for fantasy purposes. Drafting Horford will leave all options open as he contributes in all categories.

Rudy Gay (ESPN ADP: 25.7) – A season ending shoulder injury derailed Gay’s career year last season. Word on the street is Gay is healthy and I love his supporting cast. I can honestly see Rudy being a top fifteen player this season so draft away.

Joe Johnson (ESPN ADP: 37.4) – A coaching change and a few more miles on the odometer have chipped away at Johnson’s numbers the past couple years. Joe was a perennial late first or second round pick and I do not think the skill set has truly diminished quite yet. I expect him to improve across the board and to make it rain once again.

Andrew Bogut (ESPN ADP: 50.2) – Bogut may be a funny looking white dude with bootleg Justin Bieber hair, but he has proven he can bring in over two blocks a game. The guy wasn’t even remotely healthy last year and still tore it up. Drew is ten pounds lighter and is primed for a huge season. I would feel comfy drafting Bogut as my first center in a two center league.

Marc Gasol (ESPN ADP: 63.7) – The Gasol family can straight up ball and Marcy Marc will certainly lead your squad to the ‘ship. He improved his free throw percentage last year and is a beast on the defensive end. I’m not saying he will greatly improve upon last season, but if you draft him around 60th overall you don’t need him to.

Wesley Matthews (ESPN ADP: 70.8) – Brandon Roy is down for the count and Jamal Crawford doesn’t scare me. The guy drains treys and contributes in everything else besides blocks. He proved in his second year that he can compete and I think this is the last season that you will be able to pick him up outside the top 50. Straight pimp status.

Mike Conley (ESPN ADP: 72.3) – Nothing too crazy to say about Conley. He has been improving every year and the guy gets so many steals it’s absurd. For all I know that carries over into real life and he pulls jack moves at the club all day, just committing grand larceny on pussy after his teammates moisten that shit up on the dance floor. If that is the case, I give him props since only rookies even attempt to pull box in the beginning of the night. The true veteran move is to rip shots and cause mayhem all night and like 45 minutes before last call hit the scene like a lion looking for its prey. Mike if you are reading this, let’s rage and slay bitches together. Also, if you haven’t figured it out by now, I pretty much love all Grizzlies this season.

James Harden (ESPN ADP: 76) – Everyone in Oak City is stunting his season. Harden stepped up big time in the post season last year and it seems obvious he will become a more important cog in the machine. I love his all around stats and if he gets extra usage he could really be a solid pick in the middle of the draft.

Nick Young (ESPN ADP: 91.3) – The guy can score and usually I steer clear of two category contributors. Yet after signing a one year deal, I am confident he will show up this season. Yes, Jordan Crawford might turn me into a liar, but we all know that athletes step it up a notch in contract years.

Rashard Lewis (ESPN ADP: 115) – The guy is rich as hell but I still think he has some fight left in him. Rashard always has to deal with knee issues, but he will be starting in Washington and I have no problem putting the sleeper tag on him. Draft and pray for two bombs a day.


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