Fantasy Basketball: Week Eight Recap

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Well the fantasy regular season is more than halfway done and things are starting to get a bit volatile. It is probably time to realistically evaluate your squad’s expectations and either make some drastic moves or prepare for next season if things don’t look so hot. Regardless, it is time to make that playoff push. 

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Studs & Duds
Jose Calderon – Calderon must feel like a second tier citizen because it just seems like Toronto is hesitant to declare him the floor general. Jose has been absolutely killing it with Jerryd Bayless dealing with another injury, and Calderon almost singlehandedly derailed Linsanity. The problem is, Calderon’s game doesn’t really translate that well to fantasy. Although 8.8 assists per game is certainly sexy, he doesn’t offer much defense or a deadly long ball. I love the guy, but I still think you try and sell high here.

Serge Ibaka – Iblocka earned a triple-double on Sunday with fourteen points, fifteen rebounds, and eleven blocks. He looked like a bust early in the season due to the emergence of Nick Collison, but he has been on an absolute tear recently.

Josh Smith – J-Smoove almost had two triple-doubles and averaged over two steals and blocks a game last week. Granted, the inefficient shooting is still lingering, but it looks like Smith is hitting his stride.

Trevor Ariza – Ariza is basically the cheap version of Josh Smith but with more of a deep threat. Eric Gordon is probably done for the season and the Hornets are still in the process of establishing their identity. The only certainty is that New Orleans blows the fat one and due to a lack of talent, Ariza will have major usage the remainder of the season.

Ryan Anderson – Guy is still a baby, but you have to feel safe with him in your lineup. Ryno is an efficient shooter and although he won’t bring many assists or defensive stats to the table, he rarely turns the ball over.

Gustavo Ayon – I gave Ayon some props a while back and it looks like he wants some more respect. He has been a double double machine with Carl Landry, Jason Smith, and Emeka Okafor sidelined. Yes he will probably lose value when the Hornets get healthier, but he is a very solid glue guy as long as the 20+ minutes are consistent.

Chris Wilcox – Wilcox has been consistently mediocre recently and filled in for Kevin Garnett while he was out. I wouldn’t expect much from the big guy moving forward, but those in deep leagues should definitely take a flier since I doubt KG and Jermaine O’Neal will stay healthy.

Nikola PekovicDarko Milicic is old news as Pekovic is averaging over eighteen points and ten rebounds this month. He popped off for thirty and twelve last week against Houston and it looks like he should be one of the top wire pickups of the season.

Ersan Ilyasova – I have been taking Ilyasova late in drafts for years and it looks like all the potential is finally coming out. Ersan cranked out 29 points and 25 rebounds against the Nets. He also has a decent stroke from downtown. Do I need to say more?

Raymond Felton – This poor guy is dealing with a loss of confidence and even said the only one he could turn to was his Mommy. It must be so hard to have a job where worst-case scenario is your boss asks you to sit on your ass and do nothing but still get paid. Jamal Crawford is buzzing about and although Felton finally put together a solid showing against Atlanta this weekend, I still don’t like him. Don’t freak out and sell low, but I would definitely test the market.

Amar’e Stoudemire – It is nice to see Amar’e back after he tragically lost his brother. Yes he has been pretty solid since returning and is meshing well with Jeremy Lin, but I fear he will lose a decent amount of value with the Knicks’ newfound depth. His defense has been down and clearly he won’t be getting many assists with ball-hogs Lin and Carmelo Anthony on the court. I am not saying that his value will bottom out, but I think that you should try and sell high after a solid stretch of games.

Danny Granger – He went off for 32 points against the Nets, but besides that he has been pretty subpar recently. He is another guy who has seen his assists and defense drop off substantially and at this point you can probably sell for a nice price due to the name brand. Granger is a stud and I’m sure he will bounce back, but his value has always depended on serious usage and this condensed season is definitely not in his favor.

Quick Hitters
Jarret Jack is beat up since the coaching staff in New Orleans are morons and brought him back too early. Looks like Greivis Vasquez just got another nice little boost in value since Jack’s minutes will definitely be monitored.

Jason Richardson is dealing with chest pains. Go to my boy JJ Redick once again as has been reaping the rewards when J-Rich misses time.

Drew Gooden has been solid ever since Andrew Bogut fractured his ankle, but it looks like the honeymoon period is coming to an end. Gooden owners should monitor the news on his bum wrist since it is starting to scare me away.

Joe Johnson’s knee tendinitis is worse than expected. Uh oh.

Manu Ginobili and Tiago Splitter are both out for at least two weeks. Danny Green, Kawhi Leonard, Gary Neal, and DeJuan Blair will see a boost in value.

Randy Foye is the benefactor of Chauncey Billups’ absence. He has been up and down most of the season but is starting to settle in. Take a flier since he should get 30+ minutes the rest of the season.

-Rookies Isaiah Thomas and Markieff Morris have had their moments this season and I think they are finally settling in and should be solid contributors the rest of the way. Thomas has probably earned himself the starting PG gig and although Morris is a bit of a question mark, I still have faith.

-The return of DJ Augustin hasn’t hurt Kemba Walker, so don’t sell him for a discount quite yet

Good luck this week and feel free to ask for advice in the comments or email me at sonsofroto1@yahoo.com.


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