Fantasy Basketball: Week Four Recap

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What’s up ladies? Well another week has passed and because of the Kobe System, I have achieved all of my dreams! The Weekly Rundown is still being molded based on your recommendations, so please be vocal. I love this shit, so let’s get some conversation brewing in the comments and feel free to ask about any potential trade offers or add/drops you have brewing.

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Studs & Duds
Tony Parker – Another solid week from TP. He has scored seventeen-plus points in nine straight games. He is dealing with a bum back right now, but it looks like he will play through the pain.

Brandon Jennings – Many people questioned if Jennings could take another step forward this season. Well, after last week, he is averaging over twenty points a game.

Steve Nash– Typical Nash. Looks like he has some miles left on them old legs.The Nash to Marcin Gortat combo is clicking on all cylinders.

OJ Mayo – The kid is hot right now and has scored double digits points in five straight. He might be on the wire if you are in a shallower league, so pick him up if you need some treys.

John Wall – It was only a matter of time before Wall stepped it up, and he is finally contributing across the board. He won’t be hitting any three point shots, but he is helping out with blocks and rebounds at a high rate for a PG. While no one knows how things will go with Flip Saunders out of the picture, it shouldn’t have much of an affect on Wall.

Al Harrington – I think Al and George Karl have been hooking up on the side because it looks like Harrington can safely expect 25+ minutes a night now. He put up a season high 29 points, and then scored 22 in the second half the next game.

Honorable Mentions Samuel Dalembert, Carlos Boozer, Paul Millsap, Tyson Chandler, Joe Johnson

Jason Kidd – We all know he isn’t a scorer, but the percentages last week were embarrassing. Kidd is still producing late-middle round value and it can’t get any worse, so don’t banish him to the waiver wire quite yet. I haven’t seen Kidd’s son at the game in ages, but he legitimately had the biggest head I have ever seen.

Chris Kaman – He has been plummeting down the depth chart and now it looks like he won’t even be a part of the rotation moving forward. Oh well. Drop away.

Richard Jefferson – He only managed 23 points in four games last week. His minutes are safe and RJ hit four treys on Monday, so don’t fret.

Wesley Matthews – It seems like everyone on the Portland roster is a legitimate scoring threat and they are all deferring to LaMarcus Aldridge. Matthews and Nicolas Batum are still solid glue guys, but it looks like they won’t reach expectations this season

Dishonorable Mentions – It has become clear that this season will be different based on the condensed schedule and it simply doesn’t pay to become overly concerned with one week. Obviously you should monitor a loss in minutes, but besides that you need to be patient with your squad.

Quick Hitters
Andrea Bargnani is back and better than ever. He returned from a calf injury to put up a season high 36 points and went a perfect 12-for-12 from the charity stripe. He played 42 minutes, so it looks like all is well once again.

-The Jazz have made it known that Devin Harris is on the trading block. Even if he isn’t traded, Harris has not seen a lot of minutes and is scrubbing it up. Earl Watson has been playing really solid lately and if this trend continues, he could suck value from Devin.

-Although Toronto is clearly looking to make DeMar Derozan a focal point of their offense, he has been struggling with his shot recently. At the same time, Leandro Barbosa is going wild off of the bench. I wouldn’t read too much into this as Derozan will eventually turn it around, but those in deeper leagues should feel free to pick up Barbosa.

Luol Deng owners need to pray to whatever you hold dear as it looks like his wrist is straight up fucked. Although Deng has said he plans on playing through the pain, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him miss a substantial amount of time. In the meantime, Ronnie Brewer is a very solid pickup and Rip Hamilton will see a boost in value

Good luck this week and feel free to ask for advice in the comments or email me at


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