Fantasy Basketball: Week One Recap

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Remember doing book reports back in the day? While some people chose to actually read the book and take something out of it, others realized the key to putting in minimal effort was SparkNotes. Obviously you are better off checking out box scores daily and all that fun shit, but every week I will put together a weekly rundown of the most notable performances and current events in case you were slacking or actually spend your time functioning in the real world. Hope you fools came away from week one with a solid W under your belt, but this shortened season is still going to be a grind so keep the pedal to the metal. 

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Studs & Duds The best and worst performances to sell-high or buy-low on
Ryan Anderson – He has always been a pretty solid per-minute contributor and it looks like he is finally crossing the 30 minute per game threshold. The numbers won’t stay this sexy but you can expect efficient shooting, a lot of treys, decent rebounds, and minimal turnovers.

Ty Lawson – A lot of people predicted a big year from Lawson with Raymond Felton out of the picture. He is once again averaging over .500 from the field and has more steals than turnovers. Guy is a stud with no real weaknesses.

Spencer Hawes – Hawes is averaging a whopping 12 points, 12.5 rebounds, 4 assists, and over a block and steal per game. He’s in a contract year and Philly does not have a reliable backup so the minutes will remain constant. Hawes is a must-own in all leagues at this point.

Jose CalderonJerryd Bayless scared people away from Jose but with Bayless out with a bum ankle Calderon has been pimping. I think he will eliminate the time share possibilities and kill it this season. Very solid bang for your buck here.

Andre Iguodala – Towards the end of last season Iggy started to find his identity and it has carried over. He should supply across the board production but don’t expect him to continue to hit three treys a game.

Ray Allen – It looks like the wily veterans will have their minutes monitored this season, but old man Allen looks like a spring chicken out there. The turnovers are up so far but his shooting has been crazy efficient. I wouldn’t rush to trade for him since I don’t think he will average the 34 minutes per game he is currently seeing, but it looks like Allen will be one of the main scoring options in Boston.

Honorable Mentions: Andrea Bargnani, J.J. Redick

Russell Westbrook – The guy hasn’t been terrible, but he is shooting less than .400 from the field and is averaging over five turnovers a game. The numbers will certainly improve so send out offers if the Westbrook owner in your league is starting to get frustrated.

Josh Smith – He came into camp in great shape and promised to shoot less threes. Like Westbrook, the number don’t look to shabby, but he has been incredibly inefficient from the field. Take advantage of this buy-low period. I doubt you will be able to get a huge discount, but I was big on J-Smooth before the season started and I think he should be a major asset if you can handle the subpar FT%.

Rudy Gay – Gay has been one of the most disappointing ballers so far. I am all in on Rudy as he was a top five fantasy star before suffering a season-ending shoulder injury last year. Gay will shake off the rust and start to straight dominate soon enough. Buy low. I Gay-ron-tee you won’t regret it.

Dorell Wright – 2010’s free agent pick up of the year, Wright won many a fantasy championship last season. Although he is averaging over 30 minutes a game, D-Wright has been a straight dud so far. He is essentially the fourth scoring option on Golden State and it will be an uphill battle to justify his ADP. Also, Brandon Rush has been dirty so it doesn’t look good for Dorell.

Tyreke Evans – We have all heard the whole “he is one of three guys to average over 20/5/5” shpeel. Frankly, I don’t love Tyreke unless he drops to you in a draft but I understand the love if you are in a non-turnover league and plan on booting free throw percentage. If you fit that criteria, then go ahead and buy low.

Jason Richardson – You draft J-Rich for his ability to hit the long ball and because you can handle his shitty free throw shooting. Well he is hitting less than a trey a game and J.J. Redick has looked pretty solid thus far. I am sure Richardson will shake off the rust at some point, but right now I’m scared that this is the beginning of the end for him.

Lamar Odom – Lamar Scrotum recently admitted he is in terrible shape and he just doesn’t seem to be clicking in Dallas. Mark Cuban and Rick Carlisle are not remotely concerned though so Odom will have a long leash. He has a tough stat line to accommodate, but if you can handle his subpar free throw percentage or are booting the category all together, then it is not a bad idea to try and buy low.

Anthony Morrow – I have considered Morrow a perfect glue guy in daily fantasy leagues for a while now. He doesn’t really contribute much besides three point shooting, but I predicted this would be the year he finally generated some buzz. Unfortunately he has looked terrible this year but only those with short memories will pooh-pooh the fact that he is one of the most efficient shooters from downtown in NBA history.

Quick Hitters
-Golden State actually plays defense nowadays. I wouldn’t necessarily downgrade Monta Ellis and Co., but it is definitely something to take into account when streaming players/checking out matchups as the Warriors have contained their opponents to a certain extent and even handed Carmelo Anthony his worst line of the season.

-Look for spot starts against Utah and Charlotte as I could probably put up 25 against those shit defenses.

-On a related note I’d try and steer clear of spot starting against Atlanta, Indiana, and Los Angeles. That statement should not be the basis of your decision-making, but it is something to keep in mind.

DeMarcus Cousins wants out of Sacramento and the sooner this saga ends the sooner his breakout year can commence. Monitor this one closely and J.J. Hickson should see an uptick in value until Cousins is let out of the dog house

Kyle Lowry is the truth and Marvin Williams will finally live up to his potential.

-Monitor the Mario Chalmers vs. Norris Cole battle. I think Chalmers will hold onto the starting spot, but if Cole steps up his ceiling skyrockets.


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