Fantasy Basketball: Week Three Recap

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What’s up ladies? Well another week has passed and because of the Kobe System, I have achieved all of my dreams! The Weekly Recaps are still being molded based on your recommendations, so please be vocal. I love this shit so let’s get some conversation brewing in the comments and feel free to ask about any potential trade offers or add/drops you have brewing.

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Studs & Duds
Kobe Bryant – Well the legs are healthy for once and his wrist is healing. Kobe is the core of the team and is handling the ball even more than usual since the Lakers are old as hell and their only other studs are big men. We all know he had four straight 40-plus point games, but he also had nine steals in that time span.

David Lee – David Lee has always been a double-double machine and he is the second scoring option in Golden State with Stephen Curry out. With four straight 20+ point games and a whopping .580 from the field this season (not to mention 3-plus assists per game), Lee is putting in work.

Greg Monroe – Monroe looks like he eats babies, bones and all. The Georgetown product finally went off for 32 points and 16 rebounds against Andrew Bogut and you can expect solid, second round-worthy production the rest of the season. He shot .622 from the charity stripe last year and is currently at .836 thus far in 2012!!?!?!

Danilo Gallinari – Gallo didn’t put up any monster lines last week but he is quietly shooting at an incredibly efficient pace and throwing up two-plus treys a game. He has been absolute garbage in the fourth quarter so the ceiling is still a bit higher.

Samuel Dalembert – The ideal scenario for Dalembeast was getting traded to Houston and he put up the first monster line of the season against Sacramento with 21 points and 16 boards. He won’t carry your squad, but I expect the blocks to start coming and he should be a reliable center the rest of the way.

Honorable MentionsRicky Rubio, Kevin Durant, Kevin Love, George Hill, Kyle Lowry, Paul Millsap

Amare Stoudamire – STAT started off the week alright, but cooled down. He put up no defensive numbers and has not been doing his dizzle recently. He also just got embarrassed by Orlando’s Ryan Anderson on Monday. D’Antoni wants to get Amare more involved and he is healthy, so fear not.

Monta Ellis – The ultimate wildcard will always chuck up a ton of shots, but who knows what the final line will look like? He put up serviceable numbers last week, but also he went 9-for-25 and 6-for-26 from the field in two games, averaging five turnovers.

Joakim Noah – Not sure what is going on here. Chicago is allowing the least amount of points per game, but Noah has not really looked like himself. The minutes are there and he was never really a scorer, but his numbers are pretty pitiful. Perhaps Carlos Boozer is taking away Noah’s thunder, but I expect his numbers to rise as long as there isn’t a shady injury in the picture.

Boris Diaw – Fatboy Diaw is on the trading block and he is definitely not best friends with Paul Silas at the moment. He looks sluggish and slow out there. Boris lost his starting job and didn’t put up double digit points in any games last week. Uh oh.

Andray Blatche – The Wizards are in shambles and Blatche has a bum shoulder. Not looking good and if I owned Andray, I’d be scared.

Dishonorable mentionsRay Allen, Lamar Odom, Demar Derozan

Quick Hitters
Anthony Parker is out and Daniel “Boobie” Gibson should see a nice boost in value while he starts.

Spencer Hawes and Andrea Bargnani are dealing with lower leg injuries. They don’t seem to be too serious, but monitor their status and pop them back in the lineup when the storm has passed. Pray that these injuries don’t linger as calves and achilles tendons are tricky.

Dwayne Wade and Eric Gordon are going to be injury-riddled studs the whole season. Owners should milk what they can out of them.

JaVale McGee was benched for throwing himself an alley-oop. The Wizards are fucking awful and it looks like the Flip Saunders vs. JaVale battle is on again. I wouldn’t be surprised if Flip screws with McGee’s minutes in the short term.

Al Horford underwent successful surgery but it looks like you have to cut the guy. With this shortened season it would be too big of a hit to hold a worthless Horford on the bench for three months.

-I was watching the game when Carmelo Anthony sprained his wrist and ankle. Although you never want the star of your fantasy squad to be this banged up, I doubt either injury is too serious. Looks like the Knickerbockers just want Melo to get some rest in and he should be close to 100% when he returns.

Rookie Ruckus and Free Agent Stock WatchLuke Ridnour – He slid over to scoring guard to make room for Ricky Rubio and it looks like he has solidified his spot there. He should continue to get the minutes, so expect mediocre all-around numbers with great percentages.

J.J. Redick – Redick’s game never seemed to translate into the NBA, but he has been slowly improving the past couple of years. He is starting as long as Jason Richardson is sidelined and I expect him to do serious work and earn more minutes even after Richardson gets healthy.

B.J. Mullens – Mullens looks like Adam Morrison’s retarded cousin, but he has been doing work ever since he earned a starting role. The second round pick should be owned in almost all leagues as I expect him to maintain this current value.

Kawhi Leonard – If he gets over 30 minutes he will score in double digits and there is certainly good reason for the Spurs to start a guy who is 6 foot 7 at scoring guard for matchup purposes. Rookie PIMP. It seems likely that he will continue to get the minutes moving forward.

Chandler Parsons – I love my ex-Gators and Parsons looks like a Gordon Hayward clone out there…or maybe a young, white Shane Battier. He has the ability to fill the stat sheet, but will also put up the occasional stinker. Those in deeper leagues should pick him up since he has the potential to be your team’s glue guy.

Nate Robinson – Nasty Nate has found a home and it looks like he can expect 20-plus minutes at the minimum. He is another high-risk, high-reward guy who can absolutely blow one game and then carry your offense the next day. Perhaps he loses value when Curry returns, but I love him as a filler until that day comes.

Jordan Farmar – Flier for very deep leagues. I don’t love Farmar, but he had a solid week and could be serviceable if the Nets feed him 25 minutes a night. I wouldn’t bank on it as long as Deron Williams is healthy.

Marreese Speights – Looks like he has solidified his starting role and could put up the occasional double-double. He isn’t afraid to shoot and should be a solid pickup if he is still available in your leagues and continues seeing more minutes.

Josh Harrellson – I don’t like this bum, but if you are in a super deep league and any guy who gets 20-plus minutes is worth a spot on your roster, then go crazy. He seems to be mediocre at best but if Melo misses any time, his value gets slightly higher

Jon Leuer – The rookie out of Wisconsin put up serviceable numbers in the two straight games he had 30-plus minutes, but it doesn’t look like you should expect any consistency moving forward. He has a great percentage from the field but there are simply too many guys that deserve minutes in Milwaukee.

MarShon Brooks – Potential ROY? He is probably long gone from the free agent pool but if not, scoop him up ASAP. He is an absolute beast on the offensive end and should be a fixture in New Jersey for many years.

Gustavo Ayon – Well your fantasy squad certainly gets a bit of street cred if you own an undrafted rookie from Mexico. He is a perment second teamer but is putting up serious numbers in limited minutes. Those in very deep leagues should definitely take a flier since he can be a perfect glue guy if he gets 20-plus minutes a night. Legit defensive numbers and decent supporting stats.

Good luck this week and feel free to ask for advice in the comments or email me at sonsofroto1@yahoo.com.



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